Apple Wants to Wake Your Watch With a Breath of Air

apple watch Credit: Shutterstock / Oasisamuel
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Apple is an innovator. Not only did the company kick-off the computer revolution, but it also transformed the smartphone industry when it introduced the iPhone in 2007. Not one to rest on its laurels, Apple continues to develop new ideas, most of which can be uncovered with a quick patent search.

One novel idea the company is patenting involves the Apple Watch. In Apple’s future, Watch owners may be able to interact with their watch by blowing on it.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently granted a patent that describes how blowing on the Apple Watch device could interact with the wearable device. Apple Watch owners could use it to wake the device, respond to notifications, and more.

The patent titled “blow event detection and mode switching with an electronic device” describes a blow detection sensor system. The sensor would be located outside the device but contained within an enclosure to prevent incorrect responses. It would be capable of detecting the pressure changes when a breath of air flows over it.

The blow detection system would communicate with the motion sensor to detect when a person is moving. In this circumstance, any changes in pressure are likely due to movement and not a deliberate interaction with the device. The system also could be refined to work with multiple puffs of air or a time limit to reduce any inadvertent external airflow.

The patent was filed by Apple and listed Jiang Wang as the inventor. It was filed in March 2020 and approved at the end of August. It is one of many other patents exploring different hands-free control methods on the Apple Watch and other Apple devices.

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