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Apple to Change the Future of TV with Streaming Service

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Apple is finally getting up to speed in the age of streaming everything for a nominal fee. There have been multiple talks of Apple to soon offer a streaming TV service that could rival the likes of Netflix and Hulu Plus. This service would be available across all Apple devices, including the ever-popular Apple TV. Consumers expect that Apple’s new service will be announced at this year’s Apple Worldwide Development Conference in San Francisco.

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Although not much is known about this new streaming service, consumers and fans speculate that Apple will be offering a “slimmed down” cable package (think Dish Network’s Sling TV.) This package would include around 25 channels for a flat rate. It is expected that channels from ABC, ESPN, FX, CBS and FOX would make an appearance, but would fail to include any Comcast offerings (like NBC) due to the company’s poor relations with Apple. According to The Wall Street Journal “Apple came to believe that Comcast was stringing it along while the cable giant focused on its own X1 Web-enabled set-top box.”

Apple’s TV subscription service is estimated to cost around $30-40 per month, the current cost of many cable company offerings. What would set Apple apart from the rest would be their hardware, devices, ease of use, and dedicated Apple fans. Plus they wouldn’t be pestering their customers with unwanted promos or including extra fees that come with typical cable and dish providers.

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All of this comes in the wake of Apple’s redesign of the Apple TV remote. The company plans on changing the remote to be more like a touch pad, with more input options and two buttons to boot. This would give a refreshing update to the slightly antiquated remote Apple TV owners currently use. And given that is has been nearly two years since the last Apple TV refresh, the system will likely get an upgrade as well. There are rumors circulating that Apple TV might possibly include Siri and its own Apple TV App Store.

For now, everyone will have to wait until June 8th when Apple kicks off the WWDC event in San Francisco. Even if they do debut the new streaming service, sources say that it won’t be available until September. Coincidentally, when the new iPhone model is expected.

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