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Apple Sends Its Most Valuable Holiday Gift Yet to Employees Across the Globe

Apple Sends Its Most Valuable Gift Yet to Employees Across the Globe
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Everyone remembers the classic scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, in which the protagonist, Clark Griswold explodes into a two-minute long, profanity-laden tirade upon finding out that his boss will not be giving him his yearly Christmas bonus. Rest assured that Tim Cook won’t be kidnapped by any of Apple’s retail employees this year, as they have begun receiving their yearly holiday gift from the company.

Apple is already sending out pairs of black and red urBeats headphones to its retail employees throughout the world. Employees are receiving the headphones in packaging with the message “Thank You 2015” displayed in the upper right corner. Apple gifts their employees Apple-branded merchandise every year around the holidays to thank them for their contributions to the company. In 2014, employees received a branded InCase backpack, and in years past, they have received blankets, sweatshirts, and water bottles.

The urBeats headphones, which retail for $99.95, are the most expensive gift Apple has given to their retail employees yet. Although the urBeats line is the entry-level headphone in the Beats by Dre collection, they still offer the same durable build quality and bass-heavy audio found in the more expensive lines. If this year’s gift is any indication of things to come, employees may be receiving more lavish gifts every year as Apple’s success continues to grow.

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