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Apple Music Seeking Beta Testers for Android App

Apple Music Seeking Beta Testers for Android App
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When Apple introduced Apple Music, their new music streaming service at WWDC in June, they announced that it would be available for Android users in the fall. The announcement was a shock to many, as Apple had previously never made the foray into the Android app market.


Even now, almost four months after the announcement, Apple has only released one app to the Google Play store – an app titled “Move to iOS” that allows users to easily transfer their photos, messages, contacts, and more from their Android phone to their shiny new iPhone.

Well, it appears as if Apple is finally making good on their word after all – the company is reportedly seeking beta testers for the Apple Music app for Android phones.


Members of Betabound.com, a website that collects and organizes “a wide variety of beta testing opportunities from all over the world”, have reportedly received emails inviting them to apply to test out the beta version of Apple Music for Android.

Although some users are skeptical of the invitation as it doesn’t come directly from Apple, Betabound is a rather well respected company. A Betabound user told 9to5Google, “Centercode, who runs Betabound, has been around for over a decade running software/hardware betas… this is a legit company.” The invitation reads as follows:

We’re excited to invite you to come test Apple Music for Android. If you’re currently an Android user that would like to join the beta for the new music streaming service, you won’t want to miss this opportunity. To learn more and apply, click the link below. Best of luck! The Betabound team.”

Users who received the invite reportedly have to answer a series of music-related questions, such as “If you could only listen to 5 albums for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?” Applicants have yet to be notified if they were accepted into the beta program, and the company does not offer any information concerning the time line of the beta program.


Apple Music is Apple’s streaming music service, and works similarly to popular services such as Pandora and Spotify. The service, which also includes a 24-hour live radio station called “Beats 1”, went live on June 30th of this year. After a very successful three-month free beta period, Apple began charging $9.99 for the service.

A move to Android would obviously open up their user base considerably, and is likely a fantastic choice for Apple’s first Android app.

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