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Apple Music and iTunes Match Get a Welcomed Boost

Apple Music and iTunes Match Get a Welcomed Boost
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One of the long-standing gripes with the Apple Music and iTunes Match services was that it only held up to 25,000 songs. And for users who have a wide variety of music tastes on top of extensive song libraries, that isn’t really that much space. However, these users can now rest easy: Apple has upped the count to 100,000.

Announced just this week, Apple has started rolling out support for 100k libraries. Until the official confirmation, multiple users were reporting that they could upload more than the allotted 25k tracks.

So it seems as though SVP for Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue has finally lived up to his promise in a tweet from June 2015 that stated “25k for launch and working to get to 100k for iOS 9”.

The additional storage will certainly be welcomed by users who only have 16GB iPhones, and therefore a lack of on-board storage.

iTunes Match will now offer a music storage library that is twice as big as Google Play Music, making it a more viable option for users with a lot of music. The difference is that Google Play Music lets even non-subscribers store 50,000 through its free “locker” service.

But how does Apple Music match up against the other streaming music services? Amazon Cloud Player gives storage for 250,000 tracks with a paid subscription of $24.99 a month, while Microsoft’s Groove (formerly Xbox Music) has enough storage space in OneDrive for 50,000 songs. But access to their streaming service and music library comes at a price of $9.99 a month.

Apple Music was released back in June of this year alongside iOS 8.4. It was Apple’s way of entering the streaming music service industry, competing alongside the likes of Spotify, Rdio, Google Play, and others. The service signed up 6.5 million paid subscribers in less than four months after its launch, and has seen positive reviews across the board.

Apple continues to innovate and improve Apple Music, addressing bugs and issues in the latest iOS release. Furthermore, Apple released Apple Music for Android, and has announced that Apple Music will support Sonos home speaker systems sometime next year.

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