Apple Is Being Sued for Locking a Man’s Apple ID with $24K Worth of Music, Apps and More

Using iPhone to Load Apps Credit: N.Z. Photography / Shutterstock
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Apple has dealt with battery gate, bendgate, and a seemingly endless stream of lawsuits ranging from serious to frivolous. This latest complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, focuses on the terms and conditions of Apple’s media services.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Matthew Price, who spent almost $25,000 on content in iTunes, apps, and Apple’s other media and services.

Apple suddenly terminated Price’s account over an alleged violation of the company’s terms and conditions. When his Apple ID was terminated Price lost access to all of his previously purchased content.

In his complaint, Price alleges that Apple’s terms and conditions that allow the company to block access to purchased content are “unlawful” and “unconscionable.”

The complaint further claims that Apple unfairly creates a situation where a user’s device will be “substantially diminished in value.”

Not only does Apple remove access to purchased content, but it also allegedly lowers the value of the user’s device since it no longer has access to the apps and services that made it valuable in the first place.

The lawsuit is now seeking class action status.

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