Apple Finally Launched This iPhone XR Case After a Long, Bizarre Delay

Iphone Xr Clear Case Credit: Apple
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Apple has finally launched its first-party Clear Case for the iPhone XR lineup after more than a month of silence on the product.

The iPhone XR Clear Case, which Apple is selling for $39, is the first first-party case released for the iPhone XR. It also marks the first time Apple has ever launched a clear or transparent case for any of its iPhones.

Although Apple hasn’t done a clear case in the past, launching one for the iPhone XR makes perfect sense — allowing users to show off the vibrant colors of their handsets while still offering some protection.

According to its description, the case is “crafted with a blend of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials.” That should offer a nice balance of rigidity and flexibility, and Apple notes that it’s “thin, light, and easy to grip.”

Iphone Xr Case

Apple has also applied a scratch-resistant coating to both the inside and outside of the case — meaning that its crystal clear appearance might not degrade as harshly over time. Since it doesn’t use any metal in its construction, the Clear Case is also 100 percent compatible with Qi-based wireless charging.

Hopefully, Apple’s usual attention to detail means that the clear case won’t yellow over time like most other third-party clear products on the market. Whether Apple has figured out a solution for that common problem remains to be seen, however.

The Clear Case was first teased back in October in an Apple press release for the iPhone XR in certain markets. But, weirdly enough, no mention of the clear case ever made it to the U.S. Apple online storefront or Newsroom.

While the press release noted that the case would be “available at launch,” Apple didn’t even mention the first-party accessory until today.

It’s worth noting that the Clear Case is seemingly only available for the iPhone XR, at least at this point. In other words, if you want a transparent case for your iPhone XS or XS Max, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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The product now has a listing on Apple’s online storefront. But, according to the site, it won’t be available to ship until Dec. 10 in most regions.

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