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Apple Fans Finally Try on the Apple Watch

Apple Unveils iPhone 6
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Today, Friday April 10, Apple fans are graced with the moment they’ve been waiting for. They will now be able to try on the Apple Watch via an appointment in Apple stores.

It looks like @SPG made it on the #applewatch demo units. #applestore

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The watches will not be fully operational and will only display a simple demo. This demo makes it impossible for users to explore the full capability of the Apple Watch. However, this is a smart move on Apple’s part due to the high volume of traffic their stores will receive. Cutting out full functionality of the Apple Watch will shorten your experience with the watch in effort to allow other people to try it on for themselves.
Trying on the Apple Watch Edition is a different process. If you wish to try on the Apple Watch Edition you will be escorted to a private room, where you will be given water and an opportunity to use a MacBook Pro. I believe the idea behind the MacBook Pro, is that if you wish to order the Apple Watch Edition or any Apple Watch, you could do it right from the Apple store with the help of your watch concierge.

Online ordering of the Apple Watch is available today, but if you want to get your hands on the watch within the next few months, the time to order is now. Most people will experience a wait time of 4-6 weeks. Online sources say some watches will not be available to ship until June, and according the laws of supply and demand, the wait time will only become longer

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