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Apple Adds More Guided Tours for the Apple Watch

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 Last week, Apple posted four videos showcasing the various uses of the Apple Watch. These “guided tours” demonstrated the Messages app, the customizable watch face, and how to send “digital touches” to your friends. Last night, Apple added four more guided tour videos to their website.


The four new videos cover Phone Calls, the Music app, the Maps app, and Siri navigation. The Phone video demonstrates answering or muting calls on the watch, making phone calls from your friends list, and even making calls using Siri. The video covering the Music app exhibits the many ways the watch interacts with music – playing songs using Siri, swiping to the “now playing” glance, and using the digital crown to select music through the app. The video also shows how to store music on the watch’s 2GB of storage itself. The Siri video shows how to access Siri and its many uses, which are quite likely already familiar to iPhone users. Finally, the Maps video demonstrates the various ways to access the app – through text messages, glances, the home screen, and via Siri. The video also demonstrates using the digital crown to control the zoom, searching for new locations using the display, and more.


The videos serve as a great “how to” guide for those looking to access the different features of their Apple Watch. For those of us that don’t have access to an Apple Watch yet (most of us), these videos do a great job of demonstrating how the watch works, and how you will interact with it in everyday life. If you haven’t yet booked an appointment at your local Apple Store to try an Apple Watch out in person, these videos are the next best thing.


Check out the new guided tours below:



Phone Calls Tour



Music Tour


Siri Tour



Maps Tour


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