Android Fans Were Tricked by This Impeccable Selfie Actually Shot on iPhone XS

Iphone Xs Max Camera1 Credit: YouTube / Jonathan Morrison
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YouTuber Jonathan Morrison performed an admirable feat over the weekend when he got Android fans to wholeheartedly compliment an iPhone camera.

Morrison, who runs a technology-focused YouTube channel, posted a selfie on Instagram and Twitter recently. In the captions, he said that it was taken on the Google Pixel 2 — which has a widely lauded camera.

As you might expect, the selfie received a deluge of comments from technology and Android fans praising the Pixel 2’s camera prowess.

One commenter wrote that the picture “could easily get mistaken for a DSLR,” while another user chimed in by saying that the Pixel 2 had the “best camera until the Pixel 3 arrives.”

One Twitter user said that the photo was “definitely better than the iFail.”

Many others praised the high quality and detail of the image — and the fact that there was no “beauty mode” seemingly applied to the photo.

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