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A Classic Grand Theft Auto Game Has Hit the iPhone and iPad

A Classic Grand Theft Auto Game Has Hit the iPhone and iPad
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From Flappy Bird to Crossy Road (and everything in between), we have all partaken or fallen victim to gaming on our smartphones and tablets.

In the past few years, the mobile and tablet gaming industry has become insanely popular, evolving at an exponential rate. Companies are taking advantage of this spike in popularity by putting easy-to-use, highly-addictive games into our hands, monetizing their games with in-app or upgrade options for nominal fees.

And now, everyone’s favorite Rockstar game is getting a rework and a mobile upgrade. Say hello to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

The action/adventure game Grand Theft Auto debuted back in 1997 by the developer DMA Design, made solely for gameplay on the PS1. In 2002, Rockstar North took over design with their version Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which started a fandom and obsession among gamers.

Since then, Rockstar has put out multiple versions of the game, with the latest being Grand Theft Auto V, available for play on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Liberty City Stories was originally released back in 2005 for Sony’s PSP, but Rockstar decided to revamp, rework, and relaunch the game “with mobile gameplay in mind.”

One of the biggest changes, of course, is the graphics. According to Rockstar, they added real time lighting and shadows, upgraded textures and art, greater draw distance, performance enhancements for touch-based gaming including updated analog steering and rebalanced targeting.” The developers also added some of the better elements from other games like motorcycles, indoor environments, and more. Otherwise, much of the game will stay the same.

There are a few bonuses of the game now being iPhone and iPad friendly, though. For one, you’ll now be able to listen to your own playlist. Also, you can save your games to the cloud via the Rockstar Games Social Club for cross-platform control. The game operates with touch controls, but is also compatible with a gamepad. And there’s support for 3D Touch, too!

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is available in the App Store, with an Android version and Windows Phone version “coming soon.”

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