Why People Aren’t Happy with the New Redhead Emojis in iOS 12.1

Redhead Emoji Ios 12 Credit: Lesinrocks
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If we’ve learned anything about the tech industry, it’s that emojis can be surprisingly controversial among consumers.

That appears to be the case for the more than 70 new emoji characters included in Apple’s latest iOS 12.1 software update. Those characters, notably, include new options for redheaded emojis for the first time.

But while many praised the update, not everyone was happy about the addition. Specifically, many redheaded individuals are upset at the lack of options for ginger-haired emoji.

Many people took to Twitter to complain about the lack of variety and diversity in the redheaded characters, as noted by The Irish Post.

That’s partly because the new red-haired emoji weren’t added as an additional hair color option for existing emoji. Instead, the redheaded emoji are their own character with a weirdly blank expression.

As one Twitter user pointed out, that means you can’t have a redheaded bride, doctor or older lady emoji. The red-haired options also lack any sort of variety in expressions.

This isn’t the first time that an emoji has spawned controversy. Earlier this month, Apple faced backlash due to its dry and unappetizing bagel emoji (which it fixed with a weirdly photorealistic replacement).

Google also received flack for the peculiar placement of toppings on its cheeseburger emoji. To show that they have their priorities in order over in Mountain View, Google’s CEO said they would “drop everything” to until it was fixed.

Facetiousness aside, Apple does appear to listen to user complaints about emoji — if its quick fix to the “Bagelgate” controversy is any indication.

Though it’s worth noting that the issue may not even be Apple’s fault. While the Cupertino tech giant throws its own spin on emojis, the characters themselves are developed and decided upon by the Unicode Consortium. This could be an issue with the Consortium’s character standards in Unicode 11.0.

Apple hasn’t responded to the redhead emoji complaints, but if it can do anything about the lack of variety among ginger emoji, it will probably do so in a future update to iOS 12.

Other emoji introduced in iOS 12.1 include grey-haired, curly-haired and bald characters, as well as new animal, food and symbol options.

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