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Verizon’s Month-to-Month iPhone 6s Plan Explained

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Of the “big four” domestic wireless carriers, Verizon, for most, is definitely the cream of the crop. Although most carriers tout “the nation’s fastest, most advanced 4G LTE network,” Verizon can almost effortlessly back up this claim with their vast and expansive, far-reaching network.

The company was the first to market with 4G LTE technology back in late 2011, launching the advanced connection infrastructure alongside the first LTE capable phone — the 4.3-inch Thunderbolt by HTC. Verizon’s network has amassed an unparalleled coverage area over time, currently providing 4G LTE in even some of the most remote, rural and notoriously patchy areas of the country.

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Though their plans tend to run a bit more on the expensive side of the spectrum, when it comes to Verizon, you’re definitely getting what you pay for. The company currently offers a simple plan option for either individuals or families, referred to as “The Verizon Plan.” Customers pick their desired data level, which currently ranges from Small to XXL — at 1, 3, 6, 12, or 18 GB, for $30, $45, $60, $80, and $100, respectively.

You might notice that the price per GB consistently decreases as you move up the food chain, and this is because those higher-tier plans typically attract larger families — of four or five or even six people — who all utilize an iPhone. Accordingly, one line is included with the current Verizon Plan, and each additional line costs just $20 a month and boast the inclusion of unlimited nationwide voice minutes, texting, video messaging, and more.

Under the terms of Verizon’s new month-to-month plan, an iPhone 6s can be yours for just $27.08 a month, a figure that increases by $5 apiece, per month, for the 64GB and 128GB versions of the device. An iPhone 6s Plus, alternatively, goes for $31.24, $35.41, and $39.58, respectively.

There’s no contract to sign with this new plan — neither at Verizon, nor at any other carrier for that matter. However, if you’re “a qualified customer,” and thus, get approved for The Verizon plan — or any comparable alternatives through its competitors — then prepare to be essentially “locked-in” until such time that the device has been paid for in full. There’s no contract, of course, but then, and only then, will you be free to migrate to any other carrier of your choosing.

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