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T-Mobile’s Month-to-Month iPhone 6s Plan Explained

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Ahh, good old T-Mobile. If ever there was a true “budget carrier” among the bunch, T-Mobile would definitely take the cake.

Don’t let the company’s relatively inexpensive offerings fool you, though, because T-Mobile — the American subsidiary of Deutsch Telecom — actually boasts a rather expansive network. Though there exist areas of lower or no coverage on T-Mobile, the company doesn’t mince words when it suggests on its website that, “Our network isn’t what it was even two years ago. We’re not only America’s fastest LTE network, we’re America’s fastest improving network. We’ve more than doubled our LTE coverage in that time, and by the end of the year, we’ll have increased our reach to more than 300 million people across the country.”

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T-Mobile’s offerings currently boast the “Simple Choice Plan” for smartphone users. Inclusive of these plans is either 2, 6, 10, or truly UNLIMITED Gigabytes of data for $50, $65, $80, and $95, respectively. Moreover, the company is the only among the bunch to offer “more data for less money,” when additional lines of service are added for just $40 apiece. That figure may seem steep, but, in T-mo’s defense, they do offer the most data for the least amount of money. They also currently offer an enticing assortment of promotions, including their new “BINGEon” program, wherein all streamed digital content over 4G is exempt from dipping into your plan’s shared data allowance.

As far as the iPhone is concerned, T-Mobile currently offers the 6s for a flat $27.09 per month, regardless of storage capacity. However an up-front payment of $100 and $200 will be assessed at the time of purchase for the 64 and 128 GB models, respectively. And the 6s Plus, accordingly, is priced at $31.25 per month with the same $100 and $200 down payments for increased storage capacity.

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