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Sprint’s Month-to-Month iPhone 6s Plan Explained

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Sprint is most commonly regarded as one of America’s two larger budget carriers — the other of which is T-mobile.

As the company claims on their website, however, “The new Sprint LTE Plus Network is faster than Verizon and AT&T, based on analysis of a recent study by Nielsen. To celebrate, we’re launching the biggest offer in US wireless history.” So, what’s the offer, you might be wondering. Well, Sprint is currently offering up a selection of plans that, effectively, run about 50% cheaper than its competitors. For instance, the company is currently offering a $20/month “unlimited” starter plan, which includes 1GB of 4G LTE data and “an unlimited amount of data at reduced, 3G speeds” — wherever and whenever available.

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The plans vary incrementally from the starting point, with the top-tier “family unlimited” plan running $120 per month for four smartphone lines, and including 40GB of shared data. For comparison purposes, the same plan (numerically speaking) would run about $275 per month on Verizon. So Sprint wasn’t mincing words when they suggested their new plans were about half as expensive as Verizon and AT&T.

It’s also important to note that Sprint has recently invested rather heavily in enhancing their 4G LTE network, which, believe it or not, is almost on par with Verizon’s in most areas. Furthermore, where Sprint service is unavailable in any form, the company has long-standing contracts in place with Verizon, under the terms of which customers can roam free of charge on big red’s 3G CDMA network. So, if cost is a big issue for you and your family, but quality is still paramount, then Sprint might be the way to go if you want good coverage without breaking the bank!

Sprint currently offers a similar, month-to-month plan, however the company is also pioneering a so called “iPhone forever” plan, with prices trending lower, per month — a 16GB iPhone 6s with 24-month payment plan would run $22/month, for example, with customers who trade in their existing smartphone saving up to $7 per month on the already low monthly cost.

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