Now You Can Search for Songs with Just a Lyric in Apple Music

Apple Iphone X Apple Music Search For Songs With Lyrics Credit: Ikanchai
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Apple Music is just one of the many native applications that’s getting an upgrade in iOS 12. One of its new features will help users figure out the title of those pesky songs they can sing, but can never remember the names of. Basically, Apple Music will now let you search for songs by their lyrics.

Song lyrics for many tracks have been available since iOS 10 in Apple Music, but the update in iOS 12 marks the first time you can search and find songs with just a lyric — no artist, album or song name required.

Many of us probably just resort to Googling the lyrics to songs. But for Apple Music subscribers, lyric search will make the process much easier.

Keep in mind that not every song on Apple Music will have lyrics attached to it. If you’re trying to find a particularly obscure song or a track with no embedded lyrics, you might come up short.

How to Use Lyrics to Search for Songs in Apple Music

  1. Open Apple Music and tap the Search icon in the lower-right.
    How To Search For Songs With Lyrics In Apple Music 1
  2. From there, just start typing the lyrics you remember into the top search bar. (Make sure Apple Music is selected, rather than Your Library.)
  3. You should see some results pop up right away, but other times you’ll need to type out a longer section of lyrics.
  4. Once you hit Search on the keyboard, you’ll see a list of results divided into Top Results or Songs.
How To Search For Songs With Lyrics In Apple Music 2

If you tap on the latter of these two categories, you’ll see a list of songs with matching lyrics represented by bolded italic font.

Who Has Access to This Feature?

The feature is available to Apple Music subscribers as well as those without a subscription.

That means anyone with an iOS 12 device can take advantage of the feature but, of course, you’ll need an Apple Music subscription to actually listen to the track. Otherwise, you’ll just be prompted to join.

iOS 12 is currently in its beta testing phase for both registered developers and public software testers.

If you’re not trying out the new software update, you won’t have to wait very long to use lyric searching: iOS 12 will likely roll out as a free over-the-air update sometime next month.

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