How to Obtain a Refund for an iTunes or App Store Purchase

With over one million apps available in the App Store, there are certain to be a couple of bad Apples in the bunch (pun intended).

Every once in awhile, you may come across an app that simply doesn’t work, or perhaps an in-app purchase doesn’t deliver what it states. Maybe you purchased an app that just isn’t up to par – and you want a refund. How exactly do you go about that?


ios7-app-storeAlthough Apple’s terms and conditions plainly states that “All sales and rentals of products are final”, there are several ways to go about getting a refund if you feel you deserve one. Users can request a refund via iTunes or via the web. Keep in mind, however, that there are no guarantees that Apple will honor your refund.


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  1. Either follow this link on your computer or laptop to navigate directly to your purchase history, or launch iTunes, click your name at the top of the app to activate the dropdown menu, and click “Account Info”. From there, navigate down to your purchase history, and click “See All”.
  2. Find the app, song, movie, etc. that you’d like to receive a refund for, and click the little gray arrow next to the purchase.
  3. From there, click “Report a Problem” next to the purchase you’d like a refund for.
  4. You will be re-routed to, and you will be prompted with instructions to explain why you’d like a refund for your purchase.

Via the Web

If your computer or laptop isn’t available, you can request a refund via the web on your phone or tablet.

  1. Open Safari and navigate to, and login with your Apple ID.
  2. Select the appropriate tab (All, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Books) for the purchase you’d like a refund for.
  3. Locate the purchase you’d like a refund for, and select “Report a Problem” to the right of the corresponding item.
  4. Explain why you’d like a refund for your purchase.

Alternately, you can request a refund for a purchase via the e-receipt that Apple emails you every time you make a purchase in iTunes or the App Store.

Although some requests may be denied, Apple will typically refund a legitimate claim within 1-2 business days.

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