Has iOS 10 Shortened Your iPhone’s Battery Life? Follow These Tips

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While the majority of those who’ve upgraded to iOS 10 have so far reported their satisfaction with the vastly enhanced software, not everyone is feeling the love from Cupertino’s latest installment of mobile processing goodness. Of the estimated 36.66% of users that are currently running iOS 10, according to the latest figures from MixPanel, a sizable portion of them are now reporting that after upgrading, their devices are draining battery life at a substantially faster rate than they were while on iOS 9.

And while many disgruntled users are likely to lambast Apple for these apparent battery blues, there does exist a bit of logic that might explain why these issues are presenting themselves in the first place.

As CultofMac notes, for instance, it actually makes sense that iPhones and iPads — especially those that are now two, or even three years old — would suffer from some extent of more rapid battery drain than normal — simply because iOS 10 is feature-rich powerhouse, bringing to the table a multitude of new and advanced features over iOS 9. And therefore, your iOS device that’s recently been upgraded too iOS 10 will all but certainly be “adapting” to all these new features, and the load they’re placing on your device’s battery performance.

Truth be told, however: iOS 10 was built with the iPhone 7 (moving forward) in mind, above all else; and while a consortium of older devices are still just as eligible to upgrade as the iPhone 7 crew, it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock that these apparent battery draining issues are coming to light in the first place.

Fret you not, though, ladies and gentleman, because there’s a pretty good chance your battery life could improve — all on its own, believe it or not — over the next few days and weeks. As you continue to use the new OS, CultofMac notes, “your device will continue to do a lot of behind-the-scenes upgrading, even after iOS 10 is installed and humming along nicely.”

It’s highly likely that, in the first few days after upgrading your device to iOS 10, certain amounts of extra power will be consumed as app updates trickle in, and your library of content is synced up with the all new Music and Photos apps, for example.

By giving your iPhone or iPad a few days to work through all these behind-the-scenes tasks, you’ll more than likely begin to notice a swift uptick in overall battery performance, which is typically consistent with a new, major software update like the next version of iOS.

In the interim, however, there are a number of quick and easy battery saving tips that you can implement, entirely of your own volition, which will more than likely help aid in your preservation efforts. Feel free to check out our comprehensive write-up on 10 simple ways to effectively double your iPhone’s battery life!

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