5 Surefire Ways to Increase Your iPhone’s Battery Life in iOS 10

Boost iPhone iOS 10 Battery Life
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Apple’s iOS 10 may be many things but for some users, a battery saver it is not. Whether you’re experiencing battery issues post-iOS 10 launch or not, there’s no harm to come from taking these five steps to reduce your battery usage and squeezing a little extra mileage out of your iPhone’s battery life. Much of these tips preserve battery by turning off extraneous background processes and features that use up power and data, but may not actually be that useful to you.

1. Disable ‘Raise to Wake’

The ‘raise to wake’ feature is one iOS 10 addition that isn’t all that great. As its name suggests, it turns your screen on whenever the iPhone is picked up. That might be nice first thing in the morning when you’re feeling lazy, but terrible for battery life if you carry your phone around most of the day.

Settings > Display & Brightness > Toggle ‘Raise to Wake’ off.

2. Disable ‘Location Services’

A lot of apps ask for access to your approximate location and as we know, GPS is a huge battery hog. Instead of giving blanket approval to your apps to run ‘location services’, disable the function and enable it individually for apps that you think should have access to it.

Settings > Privacy > Toggle ‘Location Services’ > Tap ‘Turn Off’ to confirm

3. Disable ‘Background App Refresh’

Many apps continue to fetch data in the background, even if they’re not being actively used. Some apps, such as Facebook, notoriously use up a lot of data and battery when they are automatically refreshed in the background. Rather than give carte blanche to every app to eat up power and gigs of expensive data, customize the list of apps that are allowed to refresh content in the background.

Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Toggle off the apps that shouldn’t be constantly refreshing

4. Disable Automatic Updates

The App Store automatically downloads updates for all of your apps in the background. If you’re like most people and have a bunch of semi-necessary apps, you won’t be too keen on using data and battery life to update an app you only use once a month.

Settings > iTunes and App Store > scroll down to ‘Automatic Downloads’ > Switch off ‘Updates’

5. Leave your iPhone Facing Down

Take advantage of the facedown detection feature on your iPhone. If you’re phone is constantly blowing up with push notifications and messages, leaving your phone face down prevents your screen from switching on every time Yelp detects a new cafe opening around the corner. Facedown detection is an inherent feature, meaning you don’t have to do anything to activate it other than leave your phone facing down. According to Apple Support, the feature can save as much as one hour of battery life.

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Featured Photo: Bloomicon / Shutterstock.com
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