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5 Cool Features in the iMessage App

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5. Toggle Read Receipts While “read receipts” are a valuable tool, allowing message senders to see when the recipient receives and opens their messages, sometimes you just don’t have a chance to reply right away. You can access the setting for this via Settings > Messages> Send Read Receipts to toggle this option on and off.

4. Send an Audio or Video Message The iMessage app allows users to send a short video or audio clip as a message. Users can touch and hold the microphone icon to the left of the text area or the camera icon to the right to send an audio or video clip to their friends.


3. Custom Vibrations for Contacts Since iOS 7, Apple has included a little-used but very useful feature in their iOS mobile devices – the ability to create custom vibration patterns for certain contacts. This can come in handy when you have your phone on vibrate, and you’re trying to discern whether that message or call you missed is from your spouse or from volunteers at the local politician’s office. In order to set up a custom vibration pattern, navigate to the contact you want to set up the pattern for, click Edit, and scroll to Text Tone and Vibration. From there, you can select from several vibration presets, or create your own via a series of screen taps. Voila! You don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket to know who messaged/called you.

2. Managing Group Texts iOS 8 introduced several features that make managing group texts much easier. Leaving group messages is very simple via Details > Leave this Conversation. If you’re interested in staying in a group message, but can’t be bothered to receive a notification for every message, you can temporarily mute notifications with “Do Not Disturb” mode via Details > Do Not Disturb. Group messaging is a wonderful feature, but it can also turn into a royal pain. These features allow you to manage them a bit more gracefully.


1. Share Your Location One of the most convenient features in iOS 8 is the ability to share your location via iMessage. Tapping on Details in the upper right corner opens a menu that allows you to send your current location (a one-time message), or to share your location with the message recipient for either an hour, a day, or until you stop sharing. This feature is fantastic for meeting up with friends and families, and is one of those features we’re not sure how we lived without before we discovered it.

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