10 Tricks to Double Your iPhone’s Battery Life

10 Tricks to Double Your iPhone's Battery Life

6. Reduce Screen Brightness

This one can be very important, especially because the display is where most of your battery is going. Reducing the brightness means that the backlight doesn’t need to work as hard, using less power. Turning off auto brightness is the first step. To do this, simply head to…

  1. Settings.
  2. Wallpaper & Brightness.
  3. Then turn Auto-Brightness off.
  4. Set the brightness level to the lowest as you can handle.

7. Turn Off Automatic Downloads

When an update is available for an app, it is most often automatically downloaded and updated. This, of course, means your device has to download the new app, then process an update, which isn’t a small task. To turn off automatic updates, go to

  1. Settings.
  2. iTunes & App Store.
  3. Then simply turn off the Automatic Download option.

8. Turn Your Device On Airplane Mode

This one really is a last option, as when your device is on airplane mode it won’t be able to connect to the internet or even take calls. Despite this, if you’re in a patch of bad reception or know you won’t need to take any calls for a while, then this could save a lot of battery power.

9. Check Your Device For Updates

Okay, in the short term this might not be the best option, but to help your device last as long as possible, making sure that it has the laatest update is very important. Apple is always revising how apps and the operating system use battery life, and as such using the latest update can greatly improve how long your device can last.

10. Use An iPhone Battery Case


A long term solution, Apple claims that its new external battery case can help your device last an extra 25 hours. That’s not bad. The case costs $99, but if battery level is a constant battle for you, it may be worth it. You can buy it here.

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