2017’s Best Tech Gifts for Every Budget

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Gadgets and gizmos are a plenty this holiday season as we wade through the waters of holiday gift giving — this year, there’s enough technology-forward goods to blow away everyone from your ultra-hip nephew to your slightly neurotic boss, your outdoorsy brother to your whimsy-loving aunt. Plus, we’ve broken down all of the gifts according to their price tag — so you’re sure to find the appropriate stocking stuffer for just about anyone on your list.

$25 and Under

Bluetooth-Powered, Sweat-Resistant Earbuds

These FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds are a must-have for any person on the go — they’re perfect for the gym and a rough morning commute on the subway, automatically pairing with your phone when pulled apart so there’s no fancy setup required. Plus, they’re water and sweat-resistant — and last for up to six hours of playtime. Buy now: Get these convenient earbuds for $23.95 — that’s further reduced from the original sale price of $29.95, and 80% off the MSRP of $119.95

Flexible Phone Tripod

Take dynamic photos from any angle using this ARMOR-X Mini Flexible Phone Tripod. It sturdily latches onto just about any surface, and takes photos wirelessly using the Bluetooth remote shutter — it’s an essential if for anyone who loves photography (or is obsessed with capturing the perfect holiday photo). Buy now: Get this convenient tripod for $19.99, or 42% off the usual price of $34.99.

Wireless Phone Charging Pad

Wireless is definitely the way of the future, and any person with an iPhone X, iPhone 8 or Qi-compatible phone will love this Qi Wireless Fast Charging Pad. Charge devices without the hassle of a wire — plus, built-in charging intelligence to prevent devices from overheating or short-circuiting, helping maintain the phone’s overall health. Buy now: Get this cutting edge charger for $19.99, reduced from $21.99.

Add-on Two USB Charging Ports to Any Outlet

Maximize your precious wall outlet space for the things you’ll really use: like the ability to charge any USB device straight from your wall with this Travel USB Wall Charger with LED Nightlight. This little add-on means there will be instantly one AC plug and two USB ports to any wall outlet. Buy now: Charge two devices at once for $24.99, reduced from $29.99.

Mini Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Watch the power rise on your Qi-compatible device with this Mini Qi Wireless Charging Pad: it’s the baby version of its bigger brother, but still packs in the same charging punch. No wires, no problem.

Buy now: Get this portable charger for $19.99, or half off the usual price of $39.99.

Water-Resistant, Solar-Powered USB Charger

This Water-Resistant Dual-USB Solar Charger is perfect for any adventurer — after all, no matter how boldly you explore, there are times you still need to be connected to the outside world. This massive 5000mAh of reserve battery power recharges via solar power or by USB — making it perfect for the avid outdoors-person in your life. Buy now: Get this rugged charger for $19.99, reduced from $29.

Emergency-Ready Multi-Function Radio

For any person who really likes to be well-prepared, this Emergency Multi-Function Radio & Flashlight could be a great gift. You can switch between AM, FM and WB stations, recharge the radio via solar energy or hand-operated crank, and even charge USB-compatible devices aboard. Buy now: Be prepared for $18.99, or 78% off the usual price of $89.95.

$50 and Under

Waterproof Endoscopic Camera

Sometimes it’s best to diagnose the issue at its source: for the fixer-upper in your life, gift them this WiFi HD Waterproof Endoscopic Camera. It’s durable, waterproof and sends a live feed of what’s going on in spaces the naked eye can’t see — whether that’s a drain, an engine, or crack in the wall. Buy now: Get this Wi-Fi powered camera for $29.99, or 40% off the usual price of $49.99.

Ultra-Bright Military-Grade Flashlight Set

Not all those who wander are lost: but that’s most likely because they have this UltraBright 500-Lumen Tactical Military Flashlight: 2-Pack. Perfect for anyone who loves camping or exploring the great outdoors (even at night), they use 500 lumens for up to one mile of adjustable zoom — plus have SOS, lower bright and bright settings. Buy now: Get these tactical flashlights for $49.99, or half off the usual price of $100.

6-Port High Speed Charger

Plan on having tons of family coming over? Then you (or anyone with a large brood) will enjoy this Kinkoo 40W 6-Port High Speed Charger, which safely charges up to six USB-compatible devices on the same family-sized charging unit. It even contains an intelligent chip that detects your device and selects optimal charging speed. Buy now: Get this high-grade charger for $39.99, reduced from $49.99.

Metal-Braided, Durable Lightning Cables

Who isn’t sick of standard Lightning cables that wear and fray? This durable Toughlink MFi-Certified Metal Braided Lightning Cable: 2-Pack helps cut down on your trips to the Apple store with tough cables optimized  for data syncing and charging, and a rugged aluminum crush-proof plug design. Buy now: Get these long-lasting cables for $29.99, or half off of $59.99.

Extra-Long MFi-Certified Cables

Give someone the gift of being able to move around freely: this 10-Ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cable: 3-Pack is guaranteed to work with your Apple devices, and includes a whopping ten feet of added length. Buy now: Get these extra-long cables for $28.99, or 71% off the original price of $99.99.

Detachable Camera Lenses For Smartphones

For anyone who loves photography, or is just obsessed with taking the perfect family photo during the holidays, gift this RevolCam: The Multi-Lens Photo Revolution for Smartphones. It’s a complete kit that includes three lenses (fisheye, macro and wide angle), a lighting component and a selfie mirror — it’s almost like attaching a DSLR to your smartphone camera. Buy now: Get this creative lens kit for $34.99, or 40% off the usual price of $59.

Truly Wireless Earbuds

A lot of earbuds boast they may be wireless — but any true techie knows that’s not the case. That’s not so with these HomeSpot AirBeans X True Wireless Earbuds, which are not only totally wire-free but feature noise reduction and echo cancellation technology.  They’re perfect for working at a desk, exercising or just making calls without distraction. Buy now: Get these truly wireless earbuds for $49.99, reduced from $69.99.

Wi-Fi Ready Action Camera

Do you know someone who would love a camera with GoPro features — but you’re not so willing to drop GoPro cash for one? This Activeon CX 1080p WiFi Action Camera delivers on the same quality, without the massive price tag: record awesome 1080p HD video, utilize a powerful built-in battery, simple two-button control, and four fields-of-vision. Buy now: Get this action-ready camera for $39.99, or 60% off the usual price of $99.99.

$100 and Under

Wireless Earbuds And Charging Dock

Powered with Bluetooth 4.2 technology and featuring a super lightweight design for supreme comfort, these HBQ i7S Twins True Wireless Earphones + Charging Dock are reminiscent of Apple’s AirPods. The built-in high performance rechargeable battery allows for four to five hours of play time, and they filter out ambient noise. Buy now: Get these lightweight buds for $79.99, reduced from $99.99.

The World’s First Wireless Spotify Player

Music fans will love Mighty: The First On-The-Go Spotify Music Player — no phone, no data, no Wi-Fi: no problem. Mighty works without a Wi-Fi connection and you don’t need your phone — plus it loads up to 1,000+ songs, works with most Bluetooth earphones and you can still switch between playlists. Buy now: Get this innovative music player for $85.99.

The World’s Smallest, Wireless Vinyl Player

Turns out, vinyl isn’t dead: tell your friend to keep their records, since you’ll be giving them RokBlok: The World’s Smallest Wireless Record Player. Just lay it on top of any record, and it’ll spin around the grooves to play it — either use its built-in speaker, or wirelessly send music to any Bluetooth device for an even bigger sound. Buy now: Get this groovy player for $89 — that’s further reduced from the original sale price of $95, and MSRP of $99.

Ultra Thin, Portable Speaker

Meet DASH A: World’s Flattest Portable Speaker. For anyone who wants to get their groove on in a multitude of spaces (indoors, outdoors and everywhere in between), this sleek little soundbar delivers ten hours of flawless playback on each charge, and emits every subtle auditory detail thanks to its crisp quality. Buy now: Get this powerful, discreet speaker for $59.99, or 69% off the usual price of $199.

30,000mAh 5-Port Power Bank

For that person in your life who’s always on the go, they’ll appreciate this ZeroLemon ToughJuice 30,000mAh 5-Port Power Bank: it holds enough power to charge a smartphone up to ten times, a tablet twice or even fully charge a MacBook once. Plus, it’ll do so at a fast clip — which is pretty essential when you’re running from meeting to meeting. Buy now: Get this durable external battery for $59.99, or 53% off the usual price of $129.99.

Powerful Drone

The art of flight has never been easier: this TRNDlabs Spectre Drone an unprecedented level of control and stability, with four high-speed propellers and an HD camera that would make the best smartphones envious. Explore the world and capture incredible photos and videos with 50-meter range — plus perform all the tricks, flips and swoops you fancy. Buy now: Get this incredible drone for $99.99, or 33% off the usual price of $149.99.

Color Comparison And Matching Tool

Design geeks, artists and home renovation enthusiasts will love this Nix Mini Color Sensor. It’s a portable little tool that scans any color critical surface, saves it to any phone or tablet and proceeds to match it to an existing color library of more than 28,000 brand name paint colors, as well as RGB, HEX, CMYK and LAB colors. Buy now: See color differently for $69, reduced from $99.

Robust VPN Service For 10 Devices

Sometimes practical gifts are the best ones — but instead of gifting socks, give someone this VPN Unlimited Infinity: Lifetime Plan. Get total protection and encryption of data as you browse on both private and public Wi-Fi connections for up to ten devices, with unlimited traffic bandwidth and an unlimited high speed connection. Buy now: Get this premium VPN service for $55.99, or 89% off the usual price of $525.  

Over $100

Portable Smart Guitar

For that person who always wanted to learn guitar, but also always seems to have an excuse to never take lessons, get them this Jamstik+ Portable Smart Guitar. Just grab the  Jamstik+, download the app and learn to play chords and scales on real strings and frets. Buy now: Start strumming for $279.99, reduced from $299.99.

Home Security Video Doorbell

A perfect gift for anyone who’s been dealing with pranksters or worried about home security, this VEIU Mini Smart Video Doorbell allows you to see what’s going on at your door. You can even talk to them, record the interaction and more! Buy now: Get this clever doorbell for $149.99, reduced from $249.

Wi-Fi Smart Home Security Cameras

Keep an eye on people, pets and whatever else you like when you’re not around with this JS Innovations WiFi Smart Home Security Camera. Connect EPEX to your internet router, download the COT Pro app on your smartphone, and you’ll be able to record in 720p HD video with both online and cloud storage options for the footage. You even get notifications when the camera sensors pick up something strange. Buy now: Upgrade your home security for $157, reduced from $225.

Travel-Friendly Safe

We all have precious items that need to be kept safe, but still readily accessible. This iKeyp Pro Safe is a perfect gift for a frequent traveler: it safely stows everything from passports and tickets, to prescription medicine and jewelry, offering 24/7 security while still allowing convenient, quick access via your smartphone, keypad, or backup key. Buy now: Get this handy safe for $124.99, reduced from $149.

5-in-1 Keyless Smart Lock

People who constantly lose their keys still deserve some sense of security — and the right to never call the locksmith again. This Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock lets you program your fingerprint, code or smartphone to unlock the door, and even tracks who has access to your lock, how they access it and when they access it. Buy now: Keys are so old school — get this touchscreen lock for $168.99, or 47% off the usual price of $319.99.  

50000mAh Portable Power Station

Know someone who plans the most epic camping adventures? Get them this ZeroLemon PowerCube 50000mAh Portable Power Station so they don’t go completely off the grid. There’s really little this massive battery can’t handle: from smartphones to full computers and small electric appliances, there’s eight outputs to choose from. Buy now: Get this massive power station for $159.99, or 60% off the usual price of $399.99.

The 4K Selfie Drone

Consumer drones have evolved over the past couple of years into amazing pieces of technology. Beyond capturing breathtaking pictures and videos, the Hover 4K Camera Passport Self-Flying Camera Drone is able to automatically follow you thanks to advance AI. It’s crazy to think all of that technology is designed in a beautifully crafted foldable drone. Buy now: Get this futuristic self-following drone for $349.99, or 30% off the usual price of $499.99

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