Real iDrop News Apple Giveaway Winners and Testimonials

iPhone 12 Apple Watch and MacBook Credit: Daniel Korpai / Onur Binay
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At iDrop News, we provide Apple fans with many chances to win genuine Apple products absolutely free. We’ve given away 70+ Apple devices to Apple fans since 2015, when our first winner received a brand-new iPhone 6s – and our tradition of educating and empowering Apple users isn’t ending anytime soon.

It’s important to note that we’ve received questions and comments from concerned readers who believe that our giveaways are simply too good to be true. However, you can rest assured that iDrop News’ giveaways are 100% real (and you don’t even need to take our word for it).

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Continue reading to browse real testimonials from iDrop News giveaway winners! You can also view additional photos of real winners near the bottom of this page.

iDrop News Giveaway Testimonials

Elijah S. MacBook Pro Giveaway Winner

"'Is this really worth all the time and effort – auto-filling my email address and clicking on links?... I guess there's not much else to do...' I said to myself, yet, here I am, typing out this paragraph on the MACBOOK PRO that I WON! The day the winner (me) was chosen, I was on vacation, in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service; but we just happened to cross into an area with a little service; enough for my notifications to flood in (it was actually just one notification: I'm not that popular). I had received a message from a guy claiming to be the editor of iDrop News, and he told me to check my email. So I did, and I entrusted my name and address with this stranger and waited for what seemed like an eternity (it was a couple weeks). The editor kept me informed and eventually sent me a tracking number. My prize arrived late that evening. I spent the next fifteen minutes repeatedly opening and closing the amazing, perfectly fitted encasing. I've used and explored the MacBook Pro every day since, and I'm loving it!"

Porsche H. iPhone SE Giveaway Winner

"I was so surprised I won. The odds of winning were very slim, but I was the winner! I really wanted an iPhone, but I had chosen to save money to get a new place instead of a new phone. And then I got an email saying I won. I am still shocked. I found out I won on 8/28/20, and my new phone came on 8/31/20. It was a surprisingly quick delivery. I am loving my new iPhone SE. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! ??"

Rachel C. iPhone 11 Pro Max Giveaway Winner

"First off, I would like to thank iDrop News again for this amazing prize! I found iDrop News on Facebook. I saw that they do giveaways with daily entries, so I decided to try my luck. I had been entering their giveaways for about a year. I bookmarked the giveaways and I would do the entries every day. They giveaway lots of cool products, so there's something for everyone to enter. I woke up on May 20th, checked my phone and saw that I was the winner! I was so happy, but I was also in shock that I had actually won! They shipped my prize and I received it about a week later. It arrived and was a brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max sealed in plastic! I'm so happy that I came across iDrop News on Facebook! I'm still entering all of their giveaways daily! "

Brittany D. Apple Watch Series 5 Giveaway Winner

"I found this through a giveaway website I sometimes look at and decided to enter because I like Apple products. I didn't think I'd win due to the number of entries, but I ended up winning an Apple Watch! By the time I won, I had forgotten I had even entered and was skeptical. The email also went to my junk folder, so I was lucky I saw it, but that made me even more skeptical. After looking at the website and seeing other winners' photos, I figured it was real. The prize was shipped within a week of me responding and came within a couple of days! The product is absolutely perfect, and I'm very happy I saw that email in my junk folder."

Bijan A. HomePod Giveaway Winner

"I found the HomePod giveaway on Reddit and was expecting not to win since iDrop News has so many people enter the contest. I was a little skeptical at first, but since iDrop News is a huge company, I wasn't worried that the contest was fake. I won the HomePod and received it in just a few weeks! I had a very positive experience, and will enter future giveaways."

Ricardo A. iPhone X Giveaway Winner

"Hi there! It was in November or December that I won the iPhone X (64GB - Unlocked)... and original, of course. The prize was like I entered in an Apple Store and bought a new iPhone. The packaging is brand new and sealed. When I entered the giveaway, I was not sure that if I became the lucky one, that I would receive the prize in hands or if my effort to win entries was a waste of time. It was the first giveaway ever that I won! The prize took one month to arrive (USA to Portugal). Since then, I continued participating in every giveaway from iDrop News, I mean if this works... why not, right? In every giveaway that I entered, I refer friends. If this was not serious I just simply wouldn't enter. Best regards and crossing my fingers to win another one

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