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Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard for Apple TV – 33% OFF

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The biggest complaint heard is that the “hunt and peck”
text entry using the D-pad is difficult, time consuming and confusing. Customers simply want a QWERTY keyboard to work along with
the simple and effective Apple TV remote control. Mini Wireless Keyboards have solved the problem with the introduction of the KP-810-16BR.
Bluetooth enabled, the 16BR pairs directly with your Apple TV set top box and gives you the simple ability to enter text for searches,
passwords, router connections and more right from a traditional QWERTY keyboard layout.
Even better, the 16BR comes wrapped with a snug Silicone case creating a sleeve for the Apple TV remote to be secured to the back of the Keyboard.
Use the Keyboard on top for text entry, flip it over for the convenient use of the traditional Apple TV functions of your existing remote control.
The best of both worlds, only available from the leaders in Mini Wireless Keyboards, iPazzPort.

Was $29.99
Now Only $19.99!!
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