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The Top 6 Apps to Make Traveling a Breeze

The Top 6 Apps to Make Traveling a Breeze
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Traveling can often be a stress-inducing nightmare. Deciding where you actually want to go is tough enough, actually getting there is even tougher. Once you arrive at your destination, you must then find a taxi to take you to your hotel. What if you don’t have a hotel reserved yet? What if you can’t find a taxi?

What if you could easily prepare for your upcoming adventure, discover great new places, and save money in the process? Sounds like a dream come true. That’s why we compiled The Top 6 Apps to Make Traveling a Breeze.

1. TripAdvisor


Can’t decide where to travel? Trip Advisor publishes great articles that could help you make a final decision on where to go and what to do. No matter where you wish to travel, Trip Advisor can help you find the best restaurants, shows, and sights in the area. With trusted reviews from real people, you can rest assured you’ll make the best out of your vacation. The TripAdvisor app is completely free! Get it here.

2. Triviago


Before you set out on your trip, you might want to book your hotel in advance. Triviago is a great application to do just that. Triviago is constantly being updated with great last minute deals, and will even compare several prices for the same room in effort to achieve the best value for your money. Triviago is free to download, get it here.

3. Hotels.com

hotels app

An alternative to Triviago is the Hotels.com app. Highly rated, and extremely popular, Hotels.com is a quick and easy way to book a hotel. The app will allow you to favorite multiple hotels, and compare their amenities, features, and prices side by side. Download the Hotels.com application free, here.

4. Hipmunk


We have previously published a review of Hipmunk and we liked it so much that we had to feature it again! One of Hipmunk’s best features is its graphical flight comparison. This will show you multiple flights that can be organized by their level of “agony.” Agony is measured by layovers and layover time, which can easily be avoided just by checking Hipmunk! Easily pick the least agonizing flight available when you download Hipmunk for free, here.

5. Hotel Tonight


If you’re more of a spur-of-the-moment person rather than a planner, Hotel Tonight will be a great tool in your arsenal of travel apps. Hotel Tonight is a hotel-booking app that finds you unsold hotel rooms for insanely cheap prices. A large inventory of hotel chains ensures you will have plenty of desirable and inexpensive places to rest your head at night. The Hotel Tonight app is completely free! Download it here.

6. Lyft


With the help of our previous featured apps, you’ve successfully booked your hotel at the airport and you’re ready to get there to unpack your bags. But how do you get to the hotel? Waving down yellow taxicabs is old-fashioned and is actually quite expensive. In 2015, there is a less expensive and more convenient way to get from point A to point B. Request a Lyft driver and get picked up within minutes. Riding with friends? Easily split the cost of the ride! Drivers are background checked and rated by other passengers so you can always be assured you’ll arrive to your hotel safely. The Lyft app is free! Download it here.


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