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Struggling Nintendo Will Produce Five Games for iPhone by 2017

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For over three decades, Nintendo has produced some of the most original and fun games we’ve ever known. Due to Nintendo’s prowess in the industry, most gamers would never expect the Japanese entertainment giant to be in financial trouble.

Some people have predicted Nintendo’s financial downfall because of changing market values in the gaming industry. We know that Nintendo is seeing a steady drop in dedicated game console purchases because Nintendo’s target market, casual gamers, are turning to their iPhones for gaming.

Popular mobile games like Candy Crush have reached hundreds of millions of downloads worldwide. These games, suitable for the casual gamer, are turning the focus away from dedicated gaming machines. The iPhone is actually more powerful and has better graphic capability than the Nintendo 3DS, making your phone an obvious choice for mobile gaming. Also, the iPhone is already in the hands of countless people. It features a user interface that we already know and understand, making downloading and playing games easy for everyone.


Nintendo is taking notice of changing market trends and is teaming up with DeNA to produce games for iPhone and iPad. DeNA is a Japanese based cell phone gaming company that has continuously gained popularity on iOS and Android app stores. DeNA has produced other hit titles such as Humans vs. Zombies and Godus.

DeNA will help produce approximately five Nintendo titles, which are expected to be released by the end of 2017. Nintendo mentions that they know consumers might think five games is a miniscule offering, but they want people to understand their ultimate goal of quality over quantity. Nintendo aims to make each game for iOS a hit and they are serious about their commitment to produce quality titles for the smart device business. The first Nintendo title for iOS has not been revealed yet; however, it is expected to be available by the end of the year.


The new video game division is lead by Hideki Konno, one of the great minds behind Mario Kart. With Konno leading the team, we will most likely have the pleasure of playing Mario Kart on iOS within the next few years.

Nintendo will not be porting versions of older games to iOS. The games produced for iOS will be brand new and designed for touch screen use. However, since iOS 7 was released, most games are compatible with a Bluetooth game pad. Purchasing a game pad for your iPhone is the best way to get immersed in true gaming.


One of the best gamepad controllers for iPhone is the Logitech PowerShell. This game controller for your iPhone will not only help make your gaming experience more enjoyable, it will help you play longer. The PowerShell’s built in rechargeable battery will nearly double the life of your iPhone. The Logitech PowerShell is a great option for those who wish to start gaming now. If you’re willing to wait, I predict that Nintendo will produce game pads with a similar design to the PowerShell with similar build quality and price point.

Check out two Nintendo gamepad concepts below.



The struggling company would easily profit from creating iPhone gaming accessories and by releasing some of their highest selling titles on iOS. Titles like Animal Crossing, a community simulation game, are beloved by gamers everywhere. Commercially, Animal Crossing has seen tremendous success selling over 23 million units worldwide. Games of this quality will most likely fetch a higher price tag on the app store.

Premium priced games typically sell for $15-$20 dollars in the mobile app store. If Nintendo produces the new games for iOS with the level of quality that we expect, games for iOS could reach $40. Nintendo could risk drastically lowering actual sales with an inflated price point. In the same regard, many Nintendo fans would easily drop $40 for a great game with depth and maximum entertainment value. If Nintendo keeps their iOS games under $20, they will surely see success.

Until the iOS games are released and begin to make money, Nintendo’s projects with DeNA have to be funded. With dropping sales, Nintendo is getting creative with their sources of income. Nintendo is not only looking to the iPhone and iPad to boost company revenue, they have also been releasing the stranglehold on some of their intellectual properties. Nintendo recently signed a deal with Universal Studios to include popular Nintendo characters in their theme parks.

Even though Nintendo is mixing things up in the mobile game industry, hardcore gamers will be pleased to learn Nintendo will not be changing their dedicated console strategy. The company maintains its passion for dedicated game devices and will continue to produce and support them. Games for iOS are simply an extension of their product line and possibly a marketing tactic to lead consumers to their more expensive gaming machines for home use.


Nintendo on iOS will breathe new life into the Super Mario Brothers franchise. The new Nintendo titles for iPhone and iPad will surely be a hit, and at the right price point Nintendo could revolutionize mobile gaming. Nintendo’s creative strategies to stay relevant in an ever-changing digital market should help secure the company’s future and ultimately capture the hearts of millions on iPhone and iPad.


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