A Slew of New Healthcare Apps Available for Apple Watch


While Apple approves more and more apps for the Apple Watch’s upcoming launch, it has become clear that the watch won’t simply be a tech toy, but a useful health tool, as well. While fitness apps like the Activity and Workout apps come built into the watch, there are a number of third party apps that are taking advantage of the watch’s hardware to deliver important health and wellness data to the user.


While several more specialized health apps had been announced previously, such as DexCom’s blood glucose monitoring app, quite a few apps have been announced at the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference, which began last Sunday and runs through Thursday of this week. Apps from healthcare companies such as Anthem, CareEvolution, WebMD, Kaiser Permanente, and HealthTap are a just a few of the offerings presented at the conference.


The presented apps will serve a variety of functions. For example, the cFHR (collaborative Family Health Record) app, a collaborative effort from Anthem and CareEvolution, will provide health and wellness notifications to the user, such as prescription refills, suggested preventative screenings, and potential drug interactions. WebMD presented a medication reminder app, which will display the user’s daily medication schedule, as well as information about each medication, dosage, and more. Kaiser Permanente showed off their Everybody Walk! app, which tracks the user’s activity, allows them to set fitness goals, view statistics, and more. HealthTap unveiled an app called DocNow, which provides users immediate access to consult a primary care doctor from their network. Dubbed as the first “Affordable-Care App,” users can speak with a doctor via HD video chat or voice for as little as $2.99/minute.

These are just a few of the many useful health apps that will become available for the Apple Watch. With apps like these launching at such a high rate, the Apple Watch is sure to become an important health and diagnostics tool unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.


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