Peacock from NBCUniversal? 5 Compelling Reasons to Try Its New Streaming Service Right Now

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This year NBCUniversal released Peacock, the company’s new video-streaming app named after the network’s ubiquitous multi-colored logo. The release is not exactly a surprise – streaming services are everywhere, and so adding another streaming service to your Apple TV or iOS device may seem like a bit much. However, there are several compelling reasons to consider Peacock, especially with its free trial offers.

10 Best Movies to Watch on Peacock

1Frankenstein (1931)100%
2Starred Up (2014)99%
3Psycho (1960)96%
4Birds (1963)95%
5Lost In Translation (2003)95%
6Reservoir Dogs (1992)92%
7Knocked Up (2007)90%
8Shrek (2001)88%
9Bourne Identity (2002)83%
10Dawn of the Dead (2004)75%

NBC has also added several fairly unique features to its service that makes it an even better option than others. Here we’ll review the five most interesting things we’ve discovered.

Multiple Tiers of Service (Including Free)

Most streaming apps offer different tiers so you can upgrade your potential resolution or remove ads, etc. Peacock is different in that its first tier is absolutely freeall you have to do is download it. That makes the app very easy to try, although of course there are mandatory ads for the content. This means that if most of the content you watch on another app like Netflix is from NBC (Parks & Rec, House M.D., America’s Got Talent, Top Chef, etc. ), you could potentially save some money by dropping that app and switching to Peacock instead.

But what about the other tiers? The middle $5 Premium tier mostly just adds new content, including all of Peacock’s original content (the free option only gets some of it) and the current seasons of shows (the way Hulu does it). It also adds in a lot more classic content, some premium movies, and more. Interestingly, this tier is also free if you are a Comcast subscriber, so millions of people can upgrade to this option and still save money

Finally, the last tier costs $10 per month and doesn’t really do anything except remove ads, which clock in at five minutes per hour of video. It also allows you to download select titles to your device for offline viewing. Start your free trial here.

Tons of Great Universal Studios Movies Are Included

Most streaming apps have at least a few movies, but Peacock’s secret is that it has access to most of the Universal Studios roster, which includes a whole lot of favorites that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere. That means you can watch things like Jurassic Park, The Matrix, Reservoir Dogs, E.T., any Jason Bourne movie, the Land Before Times, Men in Black…well, it’s a long list. It also stretches back decades to include things like popular cinema from the 1930s, Hitchcock movies, and a lot more. That’s a better offering than most streaming apps are able to offer.

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Another thing that Peacock is really embracing is the concept of streaming channels. These are basically options on the app that play a constant stream of episodes, movies, comedy clips, and more – a lot like a traditional TV channel, with a focus on genre. They’re an interesting choice if you don’t really know what to watch but want to at least have the TV on in the background.

Current channels include a focus on reality TV, a focus on comedy, and a focus on true crime, among other options. It’s a neat feature for those who like traditional TV viewing, or even businesses that want a low-cost channel they can leave up on the TV all day.

Live Content Includes News and Even Sports

Yes, Peacock also has live content available on its app. The closest comparison would probably be something like Hulu, which often offers special events live for viewers. However, Peacock is a bit more generous with their offerings: You get both a live news channel and NBC Sports with live coverage of sporting events.

This can make it easier for those who are considering ending cable altogether, especially if they still depend on cable for things like news updates or watching important games. Since this option is free, it’s even easier to cut cable and save money with this option – and, as we mentioned, the app is available on Apple TV.

Peacock Has Enticing Original Content, Too

Today, many streaming app decisions are made based on original content. Would you rather keep up with Stranger Things, or pay to finally catch up on The Handmaid’s Tale? So it’s no surprise that Peacock is bringing some of its own originals to the table, and there is a certain set of fans that will really appreciate what they have to offer.

Currently, interesting originals include a new Battlestar Galactica show from the creator of Mr. Robot, a bold take on Brave New World, a Psych movie based on the show, and a new version of Saved by the Bell. Other originals that are currently in development to hit the app before long include Mindy Kaling’s Expecting, The Adventure Zone (based on the very popular D&D podcast), and a new version of Queer as Folk – plus plenty more. That’s quite a solid line up for those interested in original shows, especially for those who like a bit of nostalgia.

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