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App Review: Hipmunk – The Least Agonizing Way to Travel

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Hipmunk is going to change the way we search for flights, as it offers something totally new and unique in the travel industry. There is certainly no shortage of travel-related websites on the internet. Some simply give recommendations and ratings, some allow you to book flights, some book hotels and rental cars. Heading to sites like Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and Kayak will often yield the same results, just from a different company. New sites pop up all the time, with nothing new to set them apart. So what is it that differentiates Hipmunk from the competition? Well, it’s easier. It’s more efficient. It’s just smarter.

Hipmunk doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t – Hipmunk will display relevant travel information in a quick, easy to read format. Hipmunk will help you make a decision. That’s it. You don’t book a flight or hotel through the Hipmunk site, although they will give you a quick link to the proper site to do so. Hipmunk won’t try to sell you on renting a car at your destination, or give you options to add a ziplining or rafting tour to your trip. Just looking for a flight? Hipmunk will help you make that decision, and it will do so in as painless a manner as possible.

Hipmunk’s Flight Results are Displayed in a Convenient, Easy-to-Read Layout

One of the best features of Hipmunk is the layout. There are no ads taking up space on the screen, there isn’t a huge wall of text displaying hundreds of useless duplicate flights – there is a simple, easy to read visual graph displaying the best flights for the best prices. The graph is laid out like a day planner or calendar app – flights are organized on a timetable, color coded by airline, with layovers clearly marked. The results can be sorted by price, departure time, arrival time, or “agony”, which factors price, flight duration, layovers, and departure/arrival times to produce the least agonizing itineraries. Deciding on a flight is much more simple than it is using other search engines. Once you decide on a flight, Hipmunk links you to the appropriate site to do so.

Hipmunk’s hotel search is just as intuitive – hotels are displayed on a large map (isn’t location the most important factor in deciding a hotel, anyway?), and are color-coded according to price. The hotels can be filtered or sorted by a variety of options. On the flip side of the flight search’s “agony” sorting, hotels can be sorted by their “ecstasy” rating, which factors price, amenities, and reviews. Hipmunk even searches Airbnb rentals to find you the absolute best place to stay.

 Hipmunk’s Hotel Search Results are Similarly Intuitive

Hipmunk has created an iOS app that offers the same features streamlined for your iPhone or iPad. The app also integrates with the calendar data currently stored on your device – search results will show an important meeting you have to ensure that there are no conflicts.

Although it may not be as feature-filled as some of the bigger sites, Hipmunk’s layout and unique list of features will help you find the perfect flight or hotel for your itinerary, and it will do it faster than any other site. If you travel often, and haven’t given Hipmunk a fair shot yet, give it a try – we guarantee you’ll be impressed. Download Hipmunk for free, here.

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