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7 Underrated Apps You Didn’t Know you Needed

Seven Underrated Apps You Didn’t Know you Needed
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With so many apps out on the market, it can be difficult to find the best ones. From maintaining good health to making sure you never miss an important event, these apps cover most aspects of life that are absolutely essential. Here we review some of the most underrated apps that not everyone may have, but should.

1. Pacifica


Stress is something that can happen to all of us, and can often times get in the way of our productivity. Pacifica is an app that can give you holistic tools to help mediate the effects of stress and anxiety in your everyday life. Pacifica will give you tools to help manage stress at your own pace, one day at a time. This app comes with a daily health tracker, private group chats, daily thought experiments, and much more. You can download the basic app for free, or purchase the full-featured version for $3.99 at the iTunes Store.

2. Duolingo


Have you ever thought of trying a new language? With the Duolingo app, this is now possible and easier than ever! Duolingo makes it simple to pick a new language with games, quizzes, and lessons. You can pick from a variety of languages to learn, or put yourself on a waitlist for language lessons that are still in process of being created. The lessons are designed so that you can quickly go from level to level, making it a quite addictive endeavor. You can download this app for free, here.

3. Bandsintown


This app is great for concertgoers who want to know when their favorite artists are performing in their hometown. This app will simplify your concert experience by allowing you to track your favorite artists and get alerts when they are coming near you. You can also keep track of which shows you have RSVP’d to as well as share concert details with your friends. This app will also scan your music libraries with different apps such as iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify to learn what your music tastes are and tell you who to track. This awesome concert tracking app can be downloaded for free, here.

4. Plant Nanny


One factor to overall health that many people don’t consider is how much water you are drinking every day. It is easy to forget to drink as much water as you should on a daily basis to stay properly hydrated. This app comes with cute little plants that are meant to remind you to drink your water regularly. These plants will “live” in your phone, and in order to help it grow and keep it alive you must give it water at certain periods of time. At the same time you are watering your plants, you can drink water yourself. Think of this as healthy version of a Tamagotchi Pet. Get this app for free, here.

5. QuizUp


This app is a fun quiz app that allows you to challenge your friends, family, and strangers in various topics ranging from pop culture, to science, to history. You can search for friends based on age, location, and interest. From there you can either start up a chat or challenge them in a topic you both are interested in. Users also have the option in different communities to discuss various topics that they are passionate about. Each topic has a unique forum where you can play, post topics, and interact with other people. Download this trivia game for free here, because who doesn’t love a good challenge among friends?



This app is great for those movie buffs who don’t ever want to miss an important film moment. This app lets you know the best time pee during movies so you don’t miss any good scenes. Now you won’t ever have to worry about missing an important movie moment or an after-credits extra scene again. You can download this app for free, here.



Sleep is wonderful; why wouldn’t you want to get the best night’s sleep you could possibly get? If you are going back to school, then maintaining quality sleep is one of the most important things you can do. SleepBot is a smart alarm and sleep tracker app that will track your sleep patterns through the night and wake up once you have hit your lightest phase of sleep. This app is a great (not to mention free) way to monitor your sleep and make sure that you are getting the proper amount of rest every night. You can download this app for free, here.


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