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7 Apps That Will Save You Real Money

7 Apps That Will Save You Real Money
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Everyone loves finding a deal when shopping online or in stores. If you are like most people though, you may not always know where to look to compare prices and find the best deal. However, there are apps that exist that will help relieve some of your shopping stress by helping you find the best discounts available. Here we review the best apps that will ensure you never pay more than necessary.



This handy app is the perfect companion for any value shopper. This app has a barcode scanner feature that will allow for users to search for an item and find the best price at all the top retailers and best nationwide shops. There is a Sales and Tag-based tab that will make it easy for users to keep track of everything they are looking for, as well as the latest sales. There is also data on different promotions that are updated on a daily basis. You can download this app for free at here.



BuyVia is another wonderful price comparison app that combines both your mobile couponing and deals in searches. This app comes with a scanner for barcodes or QR codes that will be able to easily look up a product’s price and related deals. You can also set this app to send you alerts when there is a deal on your watch list, or a drop in price for something you have saved. With BuyVia you can look at specs, peer reviews, from both local and online retailers. This app can be downloaded for free here.



This app was once a barcode scanner app, but now it has evolved into much, much more. This app now has different price comparison features that will give you the best prices scanned on specific items at online and local retailers. This app also lets you view different product reviews and various related items, deals, and discounts. You can also look up discount codes if they apply. Red Laser will also allow you to put in loyalty card information so it will automatically apply when you purchase in-app. You can get Red Laser for free here.



The app that was formally known as Consumr is still a great mobile comparison app that lets you quickly look up professional reviews, offer side by side comparisons, and choose the best local and online prices. This app also brings peer reviews by fellow users who want to earn rewards based on helpful the tips are. Whether you are looking for kitchen appliances, electronics, or beauty products this app is the best way to go for your iOS advice. This app can be downloaded for free here.



Here at iDropNews, we love shopping on Amazon. So it only makes sense that we would love the Amazon App just as much. This app for Amazon used to be just a price Checker app that was recently combined with the Amazon app for the best shopping experience. Users can use their iPhone’s camera to scan products and easily compare them with online prices on Amazon and other sellers. You can also look up peer reviews by fellow Amazon users of any given product. This app is easy to use and lets you place an order on your personal watch list. You can get this app for free here.



Although Amazon is a great app, it doesn’t always guarantee to catch every deal out there. PriceJump however, is a different story. PriceJump is a free iOS app that was created by Savings.com to allow users to quickly compare prices between Amazon, other online stores, and local merchants. All you need to do is scan an item’s barcode and you can quickly look up prices from different sources, check out product reviews, and order online. You can download this price checking app here.



When shopping for the best deal, timing is absolutely crucial. Prices go up and they go down, and this app can be considered a concierge for shopping online, which will help you find products you like at the opportune time. This app will help you find any item you want, alert you to when there is a price drop for something on your list, as well as compare prices for various retailers. This app can be downloaded for free here.

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