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7 Apps Every iOS User Should Have

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It’s not hard to find a list of great apps for your iPhone or iPad; however, the App Store has a ton of lesser known apps that we would like to shine some light on. Here we highlight seven hidden gems that don’t always make the “Best Apps List” but will add some interesting and fantastic features to your iOS device.



If you want to keep your photos and videos level, you are definitely going to want to download an iOS camera app that automatically shoots horizontal photos and videos. This app will make sure your photos are level regardless of how you hold your iPhone. There are several varieties of resolutions and aspect ratios, slow motion video capture, as well as 8 different filters.


Doorsteps Swipe

Doorsteps Swipe is like Tinder for real estate, meaning you can look through a variety of nearby rentals or for sale properties with a quick swipe on your phone. The app will also put you in touch with a number of real estate listings locally and across the country, which you can filter by location, pricing, or other parameters. You can also view detailed information on their saved swiped such as pet polices or open house schedules.



Overcast is a new iOS podcast app that has a clean design, clear audio, and management features that make it a great podcatcher. Overcast allows you to download podcast episodes, receive notifications of new episode releases, offline play and podcast discovery. The Voice Boost normalizes the sound levels of speech, automatically boosting the quiet voices and lowering the loud ones. Smart Speed automatically cuts any gaps and silence in the podcast. The app can be purchased for $4.99 at the App Store.

Camera +

The Camera+ app is an app that provides a clarity filter and can fix anything from poor exposure to camera shake. The version for the newest iOS 8 adds manual controls for adjusting focus, shutter speed, and white balance. There is a Shutter Priority mode that lets the app pick the settings for you. The layout is intuitive and easy to use.


If you are a frequent flier then LoungeBuddy is an app you absolutely need. This app helps you locate airport lounges at more than 400 airports globally, gives you crowd sourced reviews, provides details about amenities, operating hours and more.  This app also lets you put in your trip details and any membership details in order to give you nearby facilities that you can access for free.

Can I Stream It?

There are a ton of video streaming services out there, each with its own collection of movies or TV shows. This app helps you find out which services and websites allow you to rent, buy, or stream a movie. The app coves a wide range of streaming media providers like iTunes, Hulu, and Netflix. Can I Stream It also continuously add lists of supported services.


SnapGuide is an amazing source of user-created how-to guides for everything from tech tips, food recipes, and crafts. Each guide comes with beautiful illustrations and detailed instructions for easy learning. Users can check out featured guides, popular guides, or recently uploaded guides. There is a variety of topics to learn from, and users can also share or create new guides of their own.

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