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6 Genius Apps to Train Your Brain

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It can be claimed that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. In fact, there are many studies that state that using puzzles and games can help to improve memory and mental capacity. Braining training apps combine different aspects of the latest brain science with mind games in order to exercise your mental agility. Here we list some of the best brain training apps you can use to make sure you work out your intellectual muscles, personal happiness, and memory.



This app won App of the Year Award from the Apple store in 2014 and continues to impress us with its ability to train your brain for listening, memory, and comprehension. One of the best features about Elevate is its focus on practical language and math skills. This includes estimation, comparing values, reading, and name recall. Using this app is meant to help improve your listening comprehension as well as your reading skills. This app comes with a free version that includes various daily exercises, and a premium version that comes with even more brain training games. Download Elevate, here.



Luminosity is another well-known brain training app that uses cognitive science techniques from something called that “Human Cognition Project” that uses a game-like approach to give users brain-training games that are both effective and fun. A user will create a Luminosity account and then select which particular mental muscle they want to exercise. Luminosity will then create a customized daily exercise routine that comes with mini-games meant to improve those specific skills. This app will track your scores and adjust the difficulty in accordance with your performance to make sure that you are always challenged. This app focuses more on pattern recognition than language and tries to use more abstract puzzles and reflex challenges. This app is also available in a free version that has a wide set of daily exercises whereas premium subscribers can have and even more games and extra features. Download Luminosity, here.

Fit Brains Trainer


This app was created by Rosetta Stone and is meant to be an all-in-one brain training program. Fit Brains Trainer has more than 360 games and training sessions that are used to sharpen memory, concentration, and a variety of other mental faculties. There is a system that will score users and track performance in each mental skill and then compare to the mental skill of other users in the same age or gender. This app will also use performance data to asses and adjust the difficult of the games in relation to your progress. This app comes with both free and premium versions that are available here.



If you want to become better at memorization and increasing the amount of thing useful information you know, Eidetic is the app for you. This app focuses more on memory than other mental skills like the previous apps. Eidetic will use a flash card-like system that will help users memorize everything from notes to phone numbers; all real life information. Eidetic comes with an easy-to-use system for users to write down their own content in simple categories which allows for users to store and then memorize whatever they believe is relevant to them. Users will also be able to set the intensity of memory training which varies from cramming for something important to weekly slow-paced periods. Eidetic will also automatically notify you when the bet times to practice will be. This memory app is free to download and available at the iTunes store.



Some people forget that emotional intelligence is just as important as mental intelligence. Happiness is something that goes hand in hand with mental capabilities, and everyone could always afford to focus on their personal happiness. The Happify App is meant to sharpen just that as well as build a lasting habit of a positive outlook on life. Happify will help you focus on stress management, meditation, as well as a variety of other emotional aspects through short mini-games quizzes, and guided activities. This app wants to reinforce different skills that revolve around happiness such as empathy, giving, and serenity. This app comes with both a free and premium version. The free version includes access to guided tracks that will build your confidence and help you cope with stress. Those who want to upgrade to the premium version will have more access to a variety of activities, additional guided meditations, and other happiness-building features. You can download both versions at the iTunes store.

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