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6 Apps for the Music Junkie in You

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Apple revolutionized the music industry by introducing the iPod back in 2001. Soon thereafter, nearly everyone could be seen tuned into their iPod at all points in time. White earbuds budded out of pockets, shirts, and jackets everywhere you looked. Given people’s preference for music with Apple, it made sense that their iPhones and iPads came with an integrated music player.

However, smartphone technology now allows you to advance and enhance your music listening. You can further optimize your Apple music experience by downloading these following apps.




A free app in the iTunes store, Slacker radio app has hundreds of handcrafted stations to choose from. Or save your own station to customize the app and make it uniquely you. As you go, “heart” and “ban” songs to accustom Slacker radio to your music tastes. To boot, you can skip up to six songs per hour, keeping you in control of what you hear. Listen for free, or sign up for the $3.99/month Radio Plus plan or $9.99/month Premium plan.



Have you ever been listening to a song and couldn’t place it? With the help of Shazam, you won’t have to wonder any longer. With the tap of a button, Shazam listens to the song currently playing and accurately determines the song title and artist in a moment’s notice. Shazam then lets you preview, purchase, and share your track discoveries on social media. Leave Shazam running in the background to explore even more on the go.




A minimalist app that is a good iTunes replacement, Encoute uses gestures in order to control the music. Filter your music by artists, genre, and albums. The app interface is user friendly and easy to navigate, with albums grouped in a grid-format, and the ability to use creative features like ‘play next, ‘add up next’, and ‘shuffle by albums’. It also retrieves lyrics from the internet to keep you in the know.





Want to know the easiest way to find out about local concerts and shows? Songkick is here to make your concert search entirely easy. With their app, you’ll never miss a concert or a show from one of your favorite artists. The app combs through different ticket providers, concert venues, newspapers and more to bring you the most up-to-date and current concert offerings. You’ll also get the opportunity to track your favorite artists and buy tickets in-app.


Groove – Music Player & Smart Playlists


Described by the Huffington Post as “Apple’s Genius on turbocharge,” Groove is a music player that brings with it a feel-good interface and smart technology. The app uses an algorithm to determine what you’d like based on what you’ve listened to, even digging up old gems from your library to help you rediscover favorite tracks. The app also possesses a gesture-based music player that beautifully integrates album artwork. One of the coolest features, however, is Groove’s ability to combine you and your friend’s music tastes into one cohesive playlist that everyone can enjoy.



Every music aficionado needs a good set of headphones paired with excellent sound quality. One of the key elements to this is being able to change the sound features and the way music is delivered to your headphones. CanOpener is the solution to this problem, putting stereo quality and clarity at your fingertips. With this app, you’ll be able to adjust the crossfeed and equalizer to make every track sound amazing. You’ll find professional audio quality right at your fingertips, all displayed cleanly and simply for your enjoyment.

Improve your music experience today by getting your hands on these apps!



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