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5 Greatest Health Apps of 2015

5 Greatest Health Apps of 2015
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With the holidays coming up, staying healthy and on track may not be as easy as you would hope. However, with the help of health-centric apps you can find all of the support you need to stay healthy and keep active.

With the ever-increasing amount of mobile health apps available, in addition to Apple’s expanding HealthKit, being healthy is an attainable goal.

Here we overview all of our favorite health apps of 2015. Disclaimer, some of these apps are for those who are very serious about their personal fitness!

1. HealthyOut

Staying healthy can be much harder when going out to restaurants. It may seem impossible to know the true caloric value of something on menu, especially since most restaurant are aimed at making the meal delicious, rather than healthy.

HealthyOut is an app that will help you find all of the best options on the menu and make meal suggestions. This app also helps you look for restaurants in your area for places that offer healthy meals, even within a specific calorie range. You can also filter based on dietary restrictions such as vegetarianism, paleo, gluten-free, etc. Get this healthy app here for free at the iTunes Store.

2. Cody

This app is like Facebook for your personal fitness. This app offers users a way into the fitness community where they and share and complete various workouts by following old and new friends. You can also track your personal progress through a timeline where your friends can comment on what you have been doing.

Aside for networking with fellow fitness junkies, you can also join training plans and learn new skills from video-based training by some of the best fitness coaches in the world. Here, you can keep track of all of your workouts, in addition to getting support from a fitness community. You can get this awesome social fitness app for free here at the iTunes Store.

3. Carrot Fit

If you don’t want to mess around when it comes to your health, you’re going to need an app like this. However, be fair warned that this app is no joke when it comes to getting in shape. This weight tracker is sort of like a fitness drill sergeant who will give you some harsh criticism if necessary.

The app includes short yet effective workouts that can be completed anywhere, rewards for losing weight, and the ability to chart your weight loss over time. This app will dish out sarcastic comments and motivational jabs to motivate, so that they must lose weight, and in return can unlock new tips about their workouts. You can pretty much guarantee success with this health app; simply because it will do whatever it takes to make you get to where you need to be. Download this killer app here for $2.99 at the iTunes Store.

4. Pact

Sometimes personal motivation is not enough for losing weight and something more measurable is needed in order to get people moving. This is where this app comes in to literally make sure you are putting your money where your mouth is. Pact, formally known as GymPact, encourages its users to pledge a number of days that they plan to work out that week as well as the amount of money they are going to put up.

Users must pay for each day that they miss, however they will get paid for everyday that they complete a workout. You can use this app to check into fitness centers, use GPS and accelerometer, or connect with third party apps to track your progress. About 95% of members who use this app have reached their fitness goal, with this app boasting over 20 million healthy users. Download this incentivizing health app here for free.

5. LoseIt

This app will create a custom weight loss plan for those who are busy and can’t always get to a gym. This app is essentially a personal trainer and nutritionist all built into one. All you need to do is plug in your weight loss and overall health goals and LoseIt will do the rest. Not only are your calories tracked, the app comes with a barcode scanner so that you can focus more on the nutritional side of weight loss.

You can connect this app to other third party apps such as Nike+, RunKeeper, Jawbone, and more so you can integrate your health for maximum results. Download this all in one fitness app here for free at the ITunes Store.

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