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4 Awesome Paid Apps, Free for a Limited Time

How to Obtain a Refund for an iTunes or App Store Purchase
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We all love apps, but we don’t always love paying for apps. Sometimes, however, app developers are generous enough to make their paid apps free for a limited time.

There is no way to be sure how long the developers of these apps will keep these apps at their current price, so act quickly to get them while they are free!



When going out to dinner with friends and family, splitting the bill up at the end of the night can be a real pain.

Worry no more, because there is now a free app that will assist you with your financial woes. This app help you keep track of your expenses that you share with friends or family. It is mostly designed for recording who paid for what so you can instantly distinguish how to settle all of the debts you have in the easiest way.

Just put in how much the expense is and it will immediately calculate and fairly divide the expenses between all parties. If you and your friends use this app, you will never have to worry about who owes how much. This app has a beautiful interface and stylish design that is very easy to use.

The app will also keep a complete history of all payments and transactions you make so there is always a record. Normally $1.99, this app is now free here at the iTunes Store.


Artists and note takers alike can rejoice at the simplicity of this now free notetaking app. FieldNote is a type of notebook app complete with graph paper that you can use for many different purposes. It is simple to use since it only has the drawing function. This app is great for personal and professional use.

You can do anything with FieldNote the same way you would with paper but you’ll have everything saved nicely in one app on your iPhone or iPad. Use this app to take notes, draw pictures, select different paper designs, and much more. Usually you have to purchase this app for $0.99, but you can now get it for free here at the iTunes Store.


The best part of any week is the weekend. This is when you make all of your favorite plans, take trips, and spend quality time with loved ones. Now, there is an app specially designed to help you keep track and plan your weekends. You can see what you have going on at a glance and quickly spot any availability so plans can be made easier and faster.

This app will grab things from your iOS calendar but you’ll also have the ability to selectively show certain calendars only. All you need to do is give Weekender permission to access your calendar. Normally this app will cost you $0.99, but now you can get it for free here at the iTunes Store.



If you love to ski and snowboard, you are definitely going to need to get this app. For those avid skiers and snowboarders, going big is a huge thrill that can really get your adrenaline going. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some way of keeping track of everything you did so you can have some bragging rights after you’re done on the slopes?

You can record and show off your stats from skiing and snowboarding with this amazing app. Slopes is the perfect app for recording how far you went while skiing or snowboarding because it will automatically detect runs and lifts, track your calories by integrating with HealthKit, and will even work in areas with no cell reception.

This app is also battery friendly and can display live stats on an Apple Watch. You can replay your runs in 3D with heat maps, attach photos and notes to your activities, as well as share your stats on Facebook and Twitter.

Not to mention you can import old activities from other Ski Track apps so you have a comprehensive overview of all of your Slope activities. This impressive sports tracking app is normally $7.99, but can now be downloaded for free here at the iTunes Store.

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