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3 Genius Apps to Make You Smarter

3 Genius Apps to Make You Smarter
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With over 1.5 million paid and free app titles available in the Apple app store today, it’s safe to say that iDevice users have a vast wealth of options to choose from when adding software content to their device.


Anything, really, from games to making music and movies, to jotting down notes or learning a new language or skill — the app store has something for everyone. But not everyone will find fun and enrichment from something like, say, a whoopee cushion emulator or a virtual fuzzy pet.

And so, with that sentiment in mind, we’ve combed through a multitude of offerings to bring you a small assortment of cool applications that are sure to keep your mind humming along and tickle your interest, perhaps, in learning more about a new concept or skill.

1. Udemy

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Think of the Udemy app as something along the lines of a digital university — a surprisingly vast wealth of knowledge that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

With over 32,000 courses in an impressive variety of fields — from honing in on general knowledge or learning a new academic discipline, to more advanced concepts like Social Media marketing, writing code for Javascript, and App creation — Udemy is certain to have something to whet your interest.

Installing the app is FREE, and courses range in price from as little as $5.00 apiece to as much as $400, depending, of course, on the nature of what you’re hoping to learn more about and the length of the class.

2. Lumosity

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Developed by a group of board certified practitioners and neuroscientists, Lumosity is a powerhouse for brain training, and features a daily selection of tasks that are specifically crafted to exercise different areas of the brain — specifically, the areas that you inform the app about wanting to exercise.

Whether you’re goal is to improve memory/recall, speed/coordination, or simply to sharpen your visual/spatial skills, the Lumosity app features a daily assortment of games and puzzles that are both stimulating and addicting.

The app is FREE for daily activities, however, at the users discretion, it can be unlocked to provide full, unrestricted use for $59.99 or $5.00 a month.

3. Khan Academy 

iDrop_Education apps_03_JPEG

Whether you’re a college university student, a youngster in primary or middle education, or an adult looking to hone your knowledge of a specific academic subject, Khan academy is no doubt a good solution to meet your needs.

Featuring a substantial variety of courses — from mathematics, English, music, and sciences of varying kinds — Khan academy offers a wealth of courses, much akin to a virtual tutor, or sorts, that will help catapult you to a whole new level of understanding through immersive activities.

Khan also boasts audio-based lectures for each subject course, in addition to practice activities and “graded” practice exams to help ensure you’re progress. Khan is free to download, here.

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