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With an ever-changing landscape of smartphones, tablets, computers, and operating systems, it’s not easy keeping up with the latest and greatest in the Apple world. Fortunately for the tech-savvy (and not-so-tech-savvy), we do the digging here at iDrop News, bringing the up-to-the-minute dirt on Apple’s newest products, innovative apps, and intuitive operating systems. iDrop News is a reliable, relevant, and continuous source of up-to-date information on iPhone news, iPad reviews, Mac rumors, Apple products, iOS tips, and more. We are committed to making this information easy to understand and accessible to a range of Apple users. Check out iDropNews.com now, sign up for the iDrop News newsletter, and find out everything you need to know about all of Apple’s offerings.

The Latest Apple News

Apple news is ever changing as they strive to break down barriers, push the limits, and offer the very best in mobile device, CPU, app, and OS tech. At iDrop News, we strive to match that pace by offering the latest news on iPhones, iPads, iMacs, Macbooks, and all the new-and-improved functions, helping consumers stay ahead of the game, no matter how complicated the technology may get. Check out iDropNews.com, and get the latest scoop on the hottest Apple products, their release dates, how they work, where to buy them, how much they cost, and more.

Not only can staying up-to-date on the latest Apple news help you use your iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac, or Apple TV more easily and efficiently, it can also protect your privacy and help keep your personal information out of the hands of others. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Privacy is a fundamental human right, and that means you shouldn’t have to worry about malicious individuals stealing your passcodes and using your personal information for their own purposes. By keeping up with the latest Apple news, you can learn about how Apple has amped up its security measures, and how you can ensure your own privacy is protected every time you use your device.

Apple and iPhone Tips

Getting the latest tips on iPhone features, apps, iOS functionalities, and Mac programs can make your overall experience with Apple products better, faster, and more convenient. For instance, did you know that a game controller can be paired with the new Apple TV, rather than using the Apple TV remote (which is far less user-friendly)? It’s true. If you purchase a compatible game controller, like the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller, you can connect it to Apple’s latest black box to get the best possible multiplayer gaming experience from your Apple TV device. iDrop News also offers tips on how to get the most out of your iPhone camera, how to expand your iMac or Macbook connectivity, how to take advantage of the most useful new iOS features, and more.

For people who aren’t as savvy when it comes to the latest Apple products and devices, it can be frustrating to finally figure out how to get the most functionality out of an iPhone or iPad, just in time for a new model to hit the market. Here at iDrop News, we strive to keep consumers as in the know as possible, so they can get the most out of their Apple products, providing helpful iPhone tips regarding features, storage, data usage, messaging, software, reminders, notifications, settings, and more. We aim to provide a balance of articles geared towards new Apple users with articles for our more tech-savvy consumers on the hunt for the inside scoop on the latest Apple tips and tricks.

iDrop News - New Apple Products

New Apple Products

Wondering when that next-generation iPhone is set to hit the market? Curious about how 3D Touch and Force Touch technology works? Every year, a slew of new products and innovative technologies hit the market, and it’s easy to get lost in the landslide of software updates, product specs, and technical jargon. It may seem like there isn’t much that changes from iPhone to iPhone, but the truth is, Apple technology is always changing, improving, and becoming more efficient.

As Apple CEO Tim Cook put it, referring to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, both of which were officially launched in September 2015, While they may look familiar, we have changed everything about these new iPhones. iDrop News brings you up-to-the-minute news on the latest iPhone products, Apple products, Mac products, accessories and more, so you know exactly what to expect from Apple’s latest offerings and so you can get your hands on the next big thing the moment it’s released.

Apple, iPhone, and Mac Rumors

Will there be smaller, more affordable iPhone with a four-inch screen? Perhaps an Apple iRing with temperature sensor and heartbeat monitor? Is the Apple-branded, self-driving electric car a go? How about an indoor positioning app that allows users to map out the interior of a building using their iPhone (à la Lucius Fox in The Dark Knight)? No matter how impossible they may seem, some of these Apple rumors may be projects that Mac actually has in the works, some may have already made it past the drawing board, and others may be just that rumors. Read about the latest Apple rumors at iDropNews.com, and judge for yourself whether a self-driving Apple car will ever hit the market. If it does, you’ll be the first to know!

iDrop News - Apple, iPhone, and Mac Rumors

Apple, iPhone, and iOS Reviews

What’s the first thing you do before purchasing a new product, especially one that you’ll be using for the next several years? Our guess is, you read the latest online reviews about the functionality of the product, how it performs, what it looks like, and whether it’s worth the cost. Before you purchase that next-generation iPhone, iPad, iMac, or Macbook, you’ll want to know what’s new, how it compares to previous models as far as speed and functionality, and how much the new technology will set you back in the end. iDrop News brings you the latest iPhone reviews and Apple reviews for new products, apps, and operating systems, so you can stay up-to-date on all this and more.

At iDropNews.com, you can read reviews from individuals with first-hand experience using the products they are reviewing. We provide reliable reviews you can count on to help make your decision, whether you’re considering purchasing the latest Apple TV, the new iPad or iPhone, or the most recent MacBook release, or if you want the inside scoop on Apple Music, the newest iOS, or the best Apple accessories for your device. With iDrop News, you never have to make an Apple or Mac purchase or upgrade blind. We put Apple product, software, and iOS reviews at your fingertips.

iDrop News - Apple, iPhone, and iOS Reviews

Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

One of the main features that sets the iPhone and other Apple products apart from their competitors is the multitude of built-in apps that handle the basics: music and entertainment, health and fitness, news, photo and video, messaging, social networking, weather, and much, much more. When combined with the immense collection of apps available in the App Store, Apple’s selection is tough to beat.

The iPhone App Store has almost every app imaginable, including relaxation apps, photo editing apps, and a multitude of games, plus apps for productivity, apps for travel, and apps for meeting people in the real world. Some of the most popular iPhone apps available “both free and for purchase“ include Fantastical (which manages your calendars and reminders), Candy Crush Saga, Spotify, Google Maps, and of course, Facebook and YouTube.

There are currently close to one million apps available in the App Store, which can make it hard decide which apps are the most useful, which apps are the best, and which ones will actually help amp up work, fitness, hobbies, and fun. Sometimes a not-so-basic app can become an everyday essential. We hope to help you discover those unlikely gems.

At iDrop News, you can find out what apps have dominated this year, how much they cost, which ones work best with your device, and what kind of reviews they have received. Find out how well apps perform, whether you’re apt to use them on a daily basis, and how happy other consumers are with their functionality. Whether you’re in need of a fitness tracker app, a music app, new messaging app, or an addictive game to kill some time, iDrop News can help you decide what works best for your life.

Deals on Apple Products

It was a rare move when Apple decided to offer a discount on the Apple Watch with new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus purchases, as Apple isn’t exactly known for discounting its products. Besides promotions for students and the occasional markdown for Black Friday shoppers, you’ll rarely see Apple advertise deals on their devices. This is why it’s important to be aware of the latest deals on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other new Apple products as soon as they drop.

In addition to deals on Apple products themselves, iDrop News also provides up-to-date information on the products and accessories that are compatible with Apple devices, including Bluetooth headphones, noise-canceling headphones, waterproof speakers, external battery packs, Bluetooth speakers, interchangeable Apple Watch bands, charging docks, iPad cases, Lifeproof iPhone cases, and more. Don’t miss out on a great deal on Apple and iPhone products and accessories. Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive promotions, or follow href=”https://twitter.com/idropnews”>@iDropNews on Twitter for a real-time feed of Apple deals and discounts.

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