Holding out on Buying a New iPhone? 2020 Models Will Change Your Mind

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Many iPhone owners have been holding off on buying a new Apple handset. But while the upcoming 2019 lineup of iPhones may not sway them, the 2020 stable of Apple devices might. That’s according to a prediction by one market analyst that could have major implications for iPhone users considering an upgrade in the near future.

Cheaper 5G Models

Chris Caso, an analyst at financial firm Raymond James, is feeling increasingly optimistic about the 2020 iPhone lineup. And one particular feature could be a “compelling” reason for users with older devices to upgrade.

Specifically, Caso expects Apple to offer 5G-compatible iPhone models across the price spectrum.

The analyst wrote in an investor’s note that it’s reasonable to expect Apple to debut a 5G iPhone at a mainstream mid-range price point of $750 (via MarketWatch).

Previously, Caso was worried that Apple wouldn’t be able to get an iPhone with a 5G chip to market in time — in large part due to the Cupertino tech giant’s dustup with Qualcomm. But now, thanks to the Apple-Qualcomm settlement, Caso says that iPhones with 5G chips are a certainty next year.

“Caso expects Apple to offer 5G-compatible iPhone models across the price spectrum.”

It’s worth noting that a forecast of cheaper 5G iPhones conflicts with an earlier report by TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who predicted that only Apple’s higher-end 2020 models would sport 5G chips. (Kuo added that all iPhone models with likely be 5G-compatible by 2021.)

But, again, these are both just predictions. And it’s far too early in the rumor cycle for the 2020 iPhones to place any sure bets. (Although Caso is already making his by upgrading AAPL stock on the cheaper 5G possibility.)

Still, with iPhone sales and loyalty on the decline, releasing a 5G-compatible iPhone at a price affordable for a wider range of consumers seems like a decision that could obviously bolster Apple in the long run.

By most accounts, this year’s iPhone lineup won’t be anything to write home about. The devices will sport a triple-lens camera setup with a controversial design, along with a new processor and other incremental upgrades.

For buyers who have been hesitant to ditch their old iPhones, these relatively minor updates aren’t likely to convince them. But we’re already seeing multiple credible reports that the 2020 iPhone lineup will be a much bigger leap forward.

The 2020 iPhone Lineup

Besides 5G compatibility, Apple is likely to switch its entire lineup over to OLED screens and USB-C ports by 2020. The devices could also pack a 5nm A-series chip, allowing for better battery life and performance.

There are also reports that the 2020 iPhone lineup could feature new screen sizes with reduced or nonexistent notches. That includes a new 5.4-inch OLED iPhone that may be closer to a so-called iPhone XE refresh than a true iPhone XS successor.

In other words, even if 5G compatibility is restricted to higher-end OLED models, there’s a good chance that many users will find something about the 2020 cycle worth upgrading for.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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