PSA | Apple Music Is Increasing Its Prices for Some College Students

Apple Music Credit: Brett Jordan / Unsplash
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In case you didn’t know, Apple often offers its services at a discount for college students. Apple Music was one of these services, and it offered a monthly discount of up to $10. This low price enticed many college students to subscribe to the service since it also offered other bundles like the ability to stream Apple TV+ for free. Now, however, Apple Music is increasing the price of its college student plan without an official statement.

Apple Music has started to roll out emails telling students in some specific countries that its student plan will increase in price. According to some email screenshots, the new price increases will start in June.

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The email doesn’t state the reason behind it or even give you a way to cancel your plan right away. Instead, it just says that Apple is raising the price of its subscription and that if you don’t agree with it, you’ll need to go and cancel your subscription from your Apple devices.

Granted, the price increase seems to still be more affordable than Apple’s individual plan, but for college students, that might be more than enough to ruin their budget. 

Will the Apple Music Price
Increase Affect You?

If you’re a college student from the U.S., it seems you’re safe for now. The Apple Music price increase has reportedly only affected a few selected countries, including:

  1. Australia
  2. The Philippines
  3. Singapore
  4. Malaysia
  5. Saudi Arabia
  6. New Zealand
  7. India
  8. South Africa
  9. Indonesia
  10. Israel
  11. Kenya

However, since Apple hasn’t made an official announcement yet, we aren’t sure if these are the only countries that’ll be affected. So it’s safe to say college students in other countries are safe for now, but keep an eye out for an email from Apple Music, just in case. 

We don’t know the reason behind this price increase, but it’s possible that Apple wants to make its newer Voice plan more enticing. In the U.S., both the Voice plan and the Student plan cost the same—$4.99 per month. 

So it’s possible that Apple’s planning to increase the price of the student plan while keeping the Voice plan as the most affordable option with a few compromises. Of course, that’s mostly speculation at this point, so we’ll need to wait and see if or when Apple makes an official announcement in other regions of the world.

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