Lawyers Considering Class-Action Lawsuit for M1 MacBook Cracking Screens

M1 MacBook opening Credit: Nanain / Shutterstock
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When Apple launched its M1 MacBook lineup, the hot, new notebooks were lauded for their blazing performance and outstanding battery life. Every rose has its thorn – now that the MacBooks are in the hands of the masses, a growing number of users are complaining that their screens cracked unexpectedly. The problem has become severe enough that a team of lawyers is looking into a class-action lawsuit.

Threads on Reddit and Apple’s Support forum contain reports of cracked screens in both the M1 MacBook Air and M1 MacBook Pro models.

A growing number of users report that the screen cracked when they opened or closed the lid. Some owners even say that the screen cracked in between uses. The screen was fine when they used it – but when they came back, it was broken.

Apple has repaired the issue for some users for free. But, most affected owners report that Apple is treating the issue as accidental damage and charging for the repair. Apple is not accepting responsibility and instead is essentially blaming owners for the damage.

Apple customer service representatives reportedly have told users the damage results from closing the lid down on a small item or particle wedged between screen and keyboard. Many owners deny closing the lid down on something and believe the flaw lies in Apple’s design.

One theory suggests the thin bezel around the display causes the screen to flex when opening or closing the lid. This flex can cause the screen to crack unexpectedly.

Migliaccio & Rathod LLP lawyers are siding with the owners and considering filing a class-action lawsuit against the Cupertino company. This process is just beginning and is in the investigation stage.

The firm wants to collect information about the issue and identify the number of affected users before filing any class-action lawsuit.

The legal team at Migliaccio & Rathod LLP wants to hear from affected users and is asking them to contact the firm.

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