iPhone SE (2022) Quick Review | You Should Probably Buy Something Else

iPhone SE Credit: Chikena / Shutterstock
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Apple launched the new iPhone SE on March 8, and I want to tell you what I think about it after using it for a while: If I had to describe this device in one word, I would say boring.

Compare it to the iPhone 8 or the 2020 iPhone SE, and you’ll see almost no differences. You would only realize you are using the new iPhone SE if you happened to have 5G service, mostly because you’d see the 5G indicator on the screen.

It is a bit faster, and the camera is slightly improved by software, but unless you put the 2020 SE directly next to this new phone to test them, you wouldn’t notice a difference.

I understand this isn’t a device for people who are into technology but rather for people who want a simple phone at an affordable price, maybe because they are older or aren’t really familiar with smartphones. But that’s not my case, nor the case of most of the people reading this article, so for almost all of you, don’t buy it.

It’s $429 for a design that’s eight years old. If you happen to have that budget to renew your phone, check out this refurbished iPhone 11 Pro from Amazon. It’s a way better phone with a not-so-old design and has a camera system that’s miles above that of the SE.

It is true that you won’t get 5G or the A15, but you won’t really miss those. I have the iPhone 13 Pro, and trust me when I tell you; the A15 is not that big of a deal. Fortunately, Apple is planning a redesigned iPhone SE at some point in 2024.

Let me know what you think about the iPhone SE in the comments below. I hope you found this article helpful. As always, have a fantastic day.

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