Get a Sneak Preview of the 50+ New Emojis Coming to iOS 11 Next Year

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Earlier this year, Apple announced that a slew of new Emojis would soon be coming to its mobile ecosystem, iOS, alongside the impending release of iOS 10.2 — which, according to Apple, should begin seeding to the general public by the end of 2016.

Among those 72 exciting new emojis are some that many users have been waiting eagerly to get their hands on, including the Bacon, Pancake, Avocado, Pregnant Woman, and the long over-due ‘Face Palm’, among many others.


Yet while the masses are still waiting to get their hands on all of those forthcoming emoticons, the Unicode Consortium — whose chief responsibility is to create, edit, and publish new emojis for distribution to manufacturers, including Apple, each year — is apparently wasting no time at all, as the group has recently announced that another 50+ new and exciting emojis will be joining the party by as early as 2017.


As an integral component of Unicode 10, the proposed emojis will include characters such as a zombie, vampire, and genie, as well as an expanded collection of foods — including broccoli, a coconut, a pretzel, a sandwich, and more, in a number of different categories.

In addition to the many new and unique emojis in Unicode 10, the consortium hinted this week that it would also be tossing in a few variants of emojis already in the library — such as an orange heart, for instance, in addition to the litany of other colored hearts that are already ours to use.

Of course, in the interim, we highly recommend considering this list with a grain of salt.. While the Unicode Consortium has been historically consistent with its updates, anything could change, at any time, including the group’s decision to draft additional emoticons above and beyond those quoted in the list. Moreover, Unicode could also decide to refine any other emojis at its discretion.

All issues notwithstanding, however, these new emojis likely won’t be touching down until iOS 11.1 or 11.2 is seeded to the public sometime next fall, at the earliest. It’s always nice to have something to look forward to, though, wouldn’t you agree?

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Featured Photo: Ralph Theodory for ConceptsiPhone
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