This Android Phone’s ‘X-Ray Camera’ Can See Through Plastic and Clothing

Photocrom Filter OnePlus Apple TV X Ray Credit: Ben Geskin / Twitter
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Apple may be adding a LiDAR camera to its iPhone, but what we really want to know is if it will have an x-ray camera like the OnePlus 8 Pro?

As noticed by Max Weinbach of XDA-Dev, the OnePlus 8 Pro camera can take x-ray-like photos using the included photochrom filter. He and others fired up the OnePlus 8 Pro camera, applied the filter, and uploaded some crazy looking footage to Twitter.

Ben Geskin showed off the unexpected feature photographing different electronics, including an Apple TV. The filter has the uncanny ability to see through plastics, especially those that don’t have an IR shield.

It works best with remote controls, set-top boxes like the Apple TV, and other lightweight plastic items. When enabled, you can see the internals of the Apple TV or the Nintendo Switch almost as if you had placed the device under an x-ray.

It even works through clothing allowing you to read lettering underneath someone’s shirt. See below.

Though it’s not probable that we’ll see an x-ray camera on the iPhone 12, we are likely going to see a few new features in the camera department. The most notable addition is a LiDAR scanner similar to the one that recently debuted on the 2020 iPad Pro.

A LiDAR scanner could speed up autofocusing as well as improve the bokeh effect in portrait photos. It also could be used to improve augmented reality experiences.

Other changes to the camera may include a new telephoto lens with 3X optical zoom up from the 2X zoom on the existing iPhone 11 Pro series.

Apple also may improve the Smart HDR algorithm and apply it to low-light photos. The iPhone 12 is expected to debut this fall with a starting price tag of $649 for the entry-level version. Other high-profile rumored features include 5G connectivity, a ProMotion display, improved Face ID, and more.

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