Arizona Man Gets a Large T-Mobile Tattoo for a Free iPhone 8

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A man has successfully scored a free iPhone 8, courtesy of T-Mobile CEO John Legere, after holding up his end of an unorthodox bargain: in a tweet, the 20-year old Phoenix native offered to tattoo the wireless carrier’s magenta logo on his arm “for all to see” in exchange for the new Apple device.

True to his word, Philip Harrison went out in search of a tattoo shop but found that they were all closed. Undeterred, he followed up via Twitter to Legere know that he would get inked the following day and post photographic evidence of the deed with the hashtag #TattooForPhilip.

“My girl told me to get it right here (pointing to his upper bicep), so then you’ll be able to hide it and I was like, that’s not where everyone can see it,” Harrison said, according to a local Phoenix news outlet. “I know it might sound crazy but I was like, I got to stick to my word.”

In the end, Harrison had a bright magenta ‘T’ emblazoned prominently on his forearm and tweeted a picture of it to Legere, declaring that he had kept his promise.

Fortunately for him, Legere was paying attention and decided to reward him for his efforts. The CEO replied on Monday saying “Nice tattoo!!” and “Let’s get you that iPhone!!” Some wondered why he didn’t ask for the more expensive iPhone X model, but Harrison seemed satisfied enough with his iPhone 8 and the story that comes with it.

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