Apple’s iPhone 6s Is a Dinosaur the Company Just Won’t Give Up On

iPhone 6s at an Apple Store Credit: Hadrian / Shutterstock
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Are you rocking an iPhone 6s? Have some FOMO about iOS 15? Well, we’ve got some excellent news for you. According to Apple, the six-year-old iPhone model will still be able to run iOS 15.

The iPhone 6s is joined by the iPhone 6s Plus and the original iPhone SE to have the honor of being one of the oldest iOS 15-compatible devices in Apple’s iPhone lineup.

Setting Longevity Records

The iPhone 6s is one of the longest supported phones on the market. The iPhone 5s was five years old when it got cut off at iOS 12 and could not run iOS 13.

Samsung, known for its backward compatibility, usually caps updates, offering security updates for up to four years.

What’s Missing?

The iPhone 6s is powered by the older A9 processor, which can not support some of Apple’s cutting-edge technology. For example, iPhone 6s owners will not be able to use FaceTime Portrait mode, view Live Text in a photo, or take advantage of the immersive walking directions in the Maps app.

You Can, But Should You?

Yes, the iPhone 6s can run iOS 15, but should you upgrade? It is commonly thought that newer software versions require more processing power and may have a significant effect on the phone’s speed.

Previous tests with iOS 14 on the iPhone 6s found that there was no significant effect on performance.

The dealbreaker may be the battery life, with these older phones losing their ability to hold a charge. The smaller 4.7-inch screen also may make it challenging to use widgets and similar interface-intensive features.

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