Apple’s CEO Is Delighted with Remote Work Results, Anticipates Permanent Organizational Changes

“We’ve found that there are some things that actually work really well virtually.”
Tim Cook Apple CEO Credit: Hadrian / Shutterstock
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The coronavirus pandemic has affected people worldwide in countless ways; some good, some bad, and some ugly. Sadly, many have been out of employment. But others have been fortunate enough to work in an industry where opening up a laptop and connecting to the internet is just about all they need to do their job (and do it well). 

Like most others who work in tech, Apple employees have found that working from home can have numerous financial, temporal, and even emotional benefits. And now, the company’s humble CEO, Tim Cook, evidently agrees.

Cook touted during an interview Monday at The Atlantic Festival Apple’s ability to develop and launch brand new Apple Watches and iPads, on time, while staff worked remotely. 

According to Bloomberg, Cook mentioned that Apple won’t likely “return to the way we were because we’ve found that there are some things that actually work really well virtually.”

Although, not everything about working from home is perfect. Cook notes that remote work just isn’t like being together physically and that it lacks some “impromptu creativity.” 

Between 10 and 15% of Apple’s workforce has returned to the office, but Cook remains hopeful that the majority will be back to their Silicon Valley campus desks in 2021.

Bloomberg reports Cook was also asked how long he plans to be at the helm of Apple Inc. The CEO didn’t have a specific answer, but did say, “At some point, of course, we all do something different.” 

While Apple just launched new Apple Watch and iPad models, more exciting devices are on the way, including the iPhone 12 mini and even a pair of over-ear AirPods.

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