Top 4 Most Plausible Apple Watch 2 Rumors

Apple Watch 2
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After the initial hype wore off from the release of the Apple Watch, everyone began to ask “But what about the Apple Watch 2? What sort of new features, functionality, or design would be introduced?” And now, with the approach of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), rumors are starting to fly about what we might see from the much-anticipated Apple Watch 2, which will likely be released alongside the new iPhone 7 model.

Here are some of the more popular rumors surrounding the wearable device.

1. The Apple Watch 2 Will Be Independent from Your iPhone

Sources say that Apple is trying to make the Apple Watch 2 its own entity. Whereas the previous model of the device required you to tether it to your phone for notifications, text messages, calls, etc.

This new model aims to be a standalone device. The recent release of the new installment of watchOS somewhat hinted at this, showing more functionality without the need to pair with an iPhone. There are also some rumors that cellular connectivity could be coming to the watch, too.

2. The Apple Watch 2 Will Use A More Functional Wristband

Earlier this year, Apple was granted a patent for a more integrated wristband on a wearable device. The patent, named “modular functional band links for wearable devices,” shows new smart bands that could incorporate sensors, battery power, and more. There’s even the possibility that they could integrate with other devices via the diagnostics port.

3. The Apple Watch 2 Will Be Waterproof

It was discovered early on that the Apple Watch had some waterproof capabilities. One user even went swimming with his Apple Watch, and showed it to be fully functional afterwards. Plus, considering that Apple released Sport models of the wearable, it would make sense that the device could withstand a bit of sweat. So to improve upon the original, it would be smart of Apple to build the newest installment of the Apple Watch with waterproof capabilities, especially given that a recent rumor showed that the iPhone 7 will be waterproof, too.

4. The Apple Watch 2 Will Have A New Design

From the get-go, most Apple Watch users criticized the wearable as being a bit too clunky and cumbersome on the wrist. Apple may have tried to combat this by releasing “luxury” versions of the watch (think the Hermes wristband and the Rose Gold Edition watches). However, rumors have been circulating that Apple may slim down the device with the new model, and may integrate a circular watch face, too.

According to ValueWalk, the current Apple Watch dominates the smartwatch market at 95 percent. So we can only image that a new model announced at WWDC would all but secure Apple at the top of the smartwatch market.

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[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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