Report Claims iPhone X Production Hasn’t Even Started

Report Claims iPhone X Production Hasn't Even Started Credit: Virgil Pana
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Apple showcased its high-end iPhone X flagship alongside the incrementally updated iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices at last week’s special event. And while the latter of those models have already begun shipping to customers ahead of their in-store debut tomorrow morning, Cupertino explicitly announced that iPhone X will be made available for pre-order on October 27th, with the first orders shipping on or around November 3rd.

Interestingly, while the timeline Apple offered us is consistent with what we’d been hearing from the rumor mill for months prior to the tech-giant’s September 12th event, if a new report is accurate, iPhone X hopefuls might actually be waiting much longer than expected to get their hands on the OLED-equipped flagship.

These sentiments are coming straight from a report published Wednesday afternoon by Barron’s, which largely cites chip analyst Christopher Caso of Raymond James financial analysts. In the report, Caso outlines why he believes iPhone X production hasn’t even started yet, citing his communications with multiple sources closely-connected to Apple’s Far East supply chain.

“Initial feedback from our meetings suggests that final production of iPhone X has not yet begun, with production expected to commence in mid-October,” Caso writes, while adding “That production start is about a month later when compared to expectations a month ago, and about 2 months later than expectations at the end of June.”

What Caso is implying, in other words, is that it may not be until towards the end of the year that iPhone X production starts kicking into full-gear. And as a result, depending on demand for the AR-enhanced flagship, it may not be until well into 2018 that some customers are able to get their hands on one.

Of course, while the iPhone X is still slated to go up for pre-order on October 27th, if this report is even the slightest bit true, we can expect iPhone X shipping times to shift weeks or months into the future very quickly after it goes live.

[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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