Leak Suggests iPhone 7 Will Have Greater Battery Power than iPhone 6s

Leak Suggests iPhone 7 Will Have Greater Battery Power than iPhone 6s
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iPhone 7 leaks are getting fairly common, and some of them haven’t been very well received (ahem, no headphone jack). This one, however, should be extremely popular, as it could help solve one of the biggest issues that the iPhone has had ever since its release.

The leak comes from Chinese website Digi.tech.qq.com, and it includes images that are allegedly of the iPhone 7’s battery. The battery is listed as having a capacity of 7.04 watt-hours, which is a little larger than the battery in the iPhone 6s, which has 6.61 watt-hours. Of course, the battery is almost identical to the 7.01 watt-hour battery in the iPhone 6, and it’s important to remember that without the corresponding wattage of the battery, it’s impossible to determine the battery’s true milliampere-hours.


Many recent rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 will be a little slimmer than the iPhone, so the fact that the battery is larger suggests that perhaps the removal of the headphone jack is partly to make extra room for a larger battery.

Of course, while it is certainly likely that the battery will be slightly larger in the iPhone 7, it’s unlikely that the larger battery will lead to a noticeable difference in battery life. While it may be slightly better, the fact is that the iPhone 7 is still going to need charging on a daily basis, and won’t bring the huge battery improvements that some are hoping for.


Interestingly enough, the report that brought this leak also mentions that the iPhone will sport a body made of ceramic. If this turns out to be true, it would mark a pretty significant change for Apple, which has previously stuck to metal, plastic, and glass. Still, it wouldn’t be totally far-fetched, with a few companies having made handsets out of ceramic in the past. For example, the 2012 HTC One S featured a ceramic body along with “Micro Arc Oxidation,” which basically gave the body a fairly robust exterior. HTC ended up abandoning the ceramic body, however, because it was prone to chipping. The only way Apple would end up adopting a ceramic body is if it has developed the technology enough to ensure that it doesn’t chip as much.

Apple has even dabbled in ceramic casings, having filed patents for ceramic iPhones in the past. Of course, Apple has dabbled in all sorts of materials, including things like Sapphire glass, however only a small percentage of the patents it files ever come to light. One such case is a patent for something called Liquidmetal, which didn’t end up being used by the company because of the costs associated with using it.

To date, most of the leaks associated with the iPhone 7 suggest that it could sport some of the biggest changes to the iPhone ever. The first is obviously the removal of the headphone jack, which could end up causing a major transformation in the headphone market. Bluetooth headphones could quickly become the norm, as could things like Lightning headphones. While some argue against this, this are clear advantages, such as being able to listen to music wirelessly and being able to power headphone amplifiers. Apple is also obviously thinking about the fact that removing the headphone jack is the next thing it needs to do in order to make the device thinner.

The launch of the iPhone 7 is still quite a few months away. The company will most likely unveil the device in September or October, as it usually does for new flagship models of the iPhone. Apart from a lack of headphone jack and a larger battery, the iPhone 7 is slated to include an A10 processor, up to a hefty 256GB of storage space, stereo speakers, and even dual cameras.

Some also hope that Apple will do away with the Lightning connector in favor of the faster and more powerful USB-C port. This is unlikely, however it would certainly be nice. When Apple first released devices with the Lightning port, its argument was that other ports simply weren’t as good, and they weren’t. That’s no longer true, so hopefully Apple will either adopt the USB-C standard or make something better. In any case, the iPhone 7 is set to be a very exciting release.

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[The information provided in this article has NOT been confirmed by Apple and may be speculation. Provided details may not be factual. Take all rumors, tech or otherwise, with a grain of salt.]

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